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An Interview with Flash’s Violett Beane

Best known as the DC Comics superhero Jesse Quick in The CW series The Flash, and as the missing girl in HBO’s, The Leftovers, Violett Beane appeared in the horror feature Flay, and the indie Slash, which recently premiered at SXSW. In Slash, Beane plays Lindsay in a coming-of-age drama about adolescent outsiders who write fan fiction. Beane can also be seen in Tower, an emotionally draining film that focuses on the mass school shooting at the University of Texas in 1966. In this one-on-one interview, Beane reveals some insights about her various roles and how she approached them.Violett Beane2

Did you audition for The Flash? What was that like?

Violett Beane: I did audition for it, but I didn’t know that much about the character. A week and a half later, I learned I’d got the part and they told me her name and more information about her character. It was definitely weird not knowing who I was going out for at the start.

Violet Beane as Jesse Wells
Violet Beane as Jesse Wells

What challenges did you face in playing Jesse, the iconic daughter of Earth-2’s Harrison Wells?

Beane: It was difficult, especially coming in on a new season. They have these on-screen and off-screen relationships. It was definitely tricky at first, creating these relationships with the other actors and their characters. And creating that father-daughter relationship. Making those connections five minutes before the first scene was a challenge. When I flew up to Vancouver, they drove me to the set and five minutes later, we’re doing the scene where Jesse confronts Harrison about the truth. It was scary because I didn’t know anyone or know quite what I was doing.

Will Jesse face any obstacles that will change her in some way? How will she grow?

Beane: I think you’ll see throughout the season that Jesse’s getting used to this Earth and coming to terms with it. If you watched the finale, you see that she made up her mind to go back home. She misses everyone that she knew and everything familiar in her life. She was just ready to go home, and it’s really sweet that Harrison was willing to go home with her. She is his world.

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 11.39.04 PM

What can we expect from the Wally-Jesse relationship? Will it grow into something once they’re “up to speed”?

Beane: It’s interesting that they broke up this slow romance between them a little bit. But I know that the fans on social media want to know what’s going on with them. I think it makes sense that they find each other. He’s sort of the outsider to the Flash team and she’s the complete outsider. So I’d love to see where that goes.,

Switching gears to Slash. It sounds like every Comic-con fan’s dream come true. Have you been to Comic-con?

Beane: No, I haven’t. I’m going to try to go this summer. I hear it’s just crazy.

What did you like most about being in Slash?

Beane: Slash was cool because of the fine actors I got to work with. I met a couple of really cool people that I still talk to today, including Michael Johnston, who plays the lead. It was a fun little role. It was a cool break and we shot it in Austin, so that was nice.


What part does Lindsay play in the Julia-Neil relationship?

Beane: I was only in Slash for a couple of scenes, but Lindsay is kind of a mean girl who makes fun of Neil’s nerdy-ness.

You’re also in the soon to be released gripping tragedy, Tower. What drew you to that film?

Beans: It’s a heavy one for sure. It was the first on-camera project I’d ever done. I shot it over a course of two years. It’s a documentary about the 1966 UT shooting, the first major school shooting in history. It premiered this year at SXSW. It’s half real footage and half re-enacted, plus some interview style recounting of what happened. It’s so powerful. I went to the premiere and everyone in the theater was crying. It hit so close to home with so many people because of how frequent shootings in the country are. It’s touring at almost every film festival this year, all around the states and in Canada. I hope that it gets enough attention because it really is absurd and insane how many shootings and violence we see in America. The film tells this in a way that you can’t ignore.

News footage from Tower
News footage from Tower

Did you find it difficult to play Claire who lost her baby and boyfriend that day?

Beane: It definitely was a very heavy character to play, especially because I got to meet her at the premiere. She doesn’t live in Austin and she hadn’t been traveling for a long time. She only had good things to say about my performance. We had a little moment together. Seeing her lightness about it. She’s so optimistic and positive.

So what’s next for you?

Beane: I recently directed, edited and starred in a music video. It’s a scary video where I play this deranged orphan girl who lives alone in a house with two dolls.


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