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Interview with Bitten’s Greyston Holt, the Bite Behind the Bark

The series finale of Bitten is coming up next week and it will be a bittersweet ending for Greyston Holt who portrays the character Clay in the show. He is one of the stronger werewolves in his pack … not someone many want to face.

“Werewolves in general have super human strength and our healing abilities are also super human. We heal a lot faster than humans, but even within that world there are some who are stronger and I think Clay was always known to be stronger. His strength is far greater than a lot of werewolves I think. He can definitely withstand a lot more pain and suffering than the average werewolf,” says Holt.

Bitten was based on set of books, but it did not stay true throughout the book story’s main progression. Clay started to read the books until he found that out. “I did. I read the first one, and then the writers told us that we would be deviating from the books. The first season was true to the first book though. To have that much information to draw from was very helpful. Even so, at the same time we had to create our own characters out of it.”

The part from the original storyline didn’t have a huge impact on the show. “Initially we had a lot of people watch the show who read the books and then it sorta became bigger than that and we gained fans who’d never read the books.”

There is one rule that has been a constant conflict throughout the entire Bitten series, but this could change before the curtain on the series closes. Clay talks about how this has progressed in the show. “Killing someone who learns about a member of the pack being a werewolf is a cardinal rule in the series. If a non-werewolf sees us or knows of us they have to be killed. It’s one of those difficult things where it’s for the safety of other people and it’s for the safety of the packs identity.

“It was written back in the beginning of our [werewolf] world. The world changes and I think that is sort of where Elena came into our story. She saw this new path for us. She realized the way things were weren’t working for us. She’s trying to find a new, more sort of moderate practical approach to dealing with some of our old guard rules. She’s the new breath of fresh air in the pack and to the werewolf world. She sees everything in a new more modern way that is more realistic for the changing world around us.”

Elena, being the only female werewolf in existence on the show, has had a profound impact on the entire pack, especially Greyston’s character. “Clay does shift in his ideology because of Elena. Before her he adhered to the pack rules. One of the pack rules was that the alpha rules (Jeremy was one of the alphas) were final. He has changed over the three seasons for Elena because she’s his true love. He’s let go of some of his violent tendencies. He’s questioning pack rules. And this season he is really coming to realize that what they had been doing and how they had been doing things wasn’t working … and what she’s doing and how she’s doing them is taking them all in the right path. He’s behind her 100% at this point. He’s just there to support her. Even Jeremy … he’s sort of coming to that realization as well and you’ll see that power shift,” says Holt.

greystonWhat is his favorite aspect of his character Clay? “I love his loyalty. His sort of supreme loyalty. That was huge for Clay. And also it’s fun to play this impulsive sort of explosive violent type of character. That was something I’d never really explored before as an actor so it’s fun to play a kind of psycho guy. But he’s come a long way [since the beginning of the series].”

Greyston talks about one of the scenes that really made an impact on him in the finale season. “I think a big moment that stuck with me that started a sort of landslide was when Jeremy was forced to kill Sheriff Morgan. I think that really sort of symbolized a lot and I think it really struck a deep chord in him, and really made him realize that what we were doing and how we do it is not right and that there needs to be a big, big shake up in our world. It [the scene] was beautifully acted. It was a powerful scene that was very important in our storyline. For an alpha to have that realization. Unfortunately, it took him having to kill someone who he cared about … you know, he had feelings for her for sure. They had a rapport. I think that was a very pivotal moment this season. It was something he didn’t want to do, but he’s still of the old guard, and that is one of the most cardinal rules … killing those who could expose us. I think that will be a big regret for him and bring a big change.”

As far as the Russians are concerned .. everyone wants them to get their just deserts … but they keep closing in on them all the way to the end of the series. “It’s sort of relentless. It comes to a point where Elena and Jeremy and our pack are forced to make the biggest decision of our existence basically. That all happens in the final episode. Basically we’re stuck in a corner and there’s no way out. The only way out is this very very difficult decision that (I can’t say what it is) but you’ll see and I think it’s a very … it’ll be very interesting series finale. I think one that has the right amount of closure but leaves some doors open.”

What can we expect in the finale episode of the series? “In the finale we really go out with a bang. Elena keeps having these premonitions about blood and fire and she feels like she’s sorta burning down Stonehaven and our world. Everything definitely comes to a point where something drastic needs to be done … something that’s never been done in the werewolf world before … and all of that is put on Elena and she has a big decision which is something you’ll find out in the finale. Everything keeps building up and the world keeps crashing in around us and she’s forced to make a very tough decision at the end.” Of course, fans will have to tune in Monday, April 25 on SyFy @ 11 p.m. ET to find out what that is!

Greyston reflects about what viewers can take away after watching the Bitten series. “I think a big theme overall … especially this season … is that progress is always a good thing and to never get stuck in your old ways … the things you maybe did in the past may not work today … whether it’s politics, your own personal beliefs .. you need to move forward with times and times change fast and you need to let go of old habits and old ideologies that are not working with current times. A big message is just to move forward and to have progress.”

For him, it has been a wonderful experience shooting Bitten with his fellow teammates. “It’s been amazing. Any time you get to be part of a project that’s drawn from a book series; it’s a special thing. You can draw from such a rich source of material. We had such a great cast and crew. We’re just like a family, so it was the most amazing work environment and work experience. It was sort of life-changing. Working with everybody … I loved being on set with them every day. They are such generous people,” says Holt.

What will Greyston Holt be doing after Bitten has taken its last bite on SyFy? “We are going to go over to a beautiful island called Hornby Island off the west coast of Canada. It’s a very beautiful spot. Looking forward to enjoying some nature with the beautiful weather right now. Just getting out and getting back in touch with nature. I grew up on a small island near Vancouver and always been … being outside and close to nature has always been very important to me. That’s kinda who I am I guess.”

Fun Facts:

  • TV shows he likes: Transparent, Breaking Bad
  • Not into superhero movies. But he wouldn’t mind playing one in a movie!
  • Movie genre of choice: comedy

It was great to chat with Greyston. He is a sweet, intelligent guy that digs the simpler things in life. We can’t wait to see what project he will be part of next! Don’t forget to tune in to the season finale of Bitten this Monday, April 25 on SyFy @ 11 p.m. ET!

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