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Is Your Mascara Giving You Dark Circles Under Your Eyes?

Do you have dark circles under your eyes that even scare you when you look in the mirror early in the morning? These dark annoyances could be coming from your lack of sleep, or you rubbing your eyes to harshly, but what if that’s not the cause?

There are a few products or activities that you may not know about that can also cause these dark circles:

1. Waterproof Mascara: Wearers often have to rub quite a bit to get all of it off. This intensifies rings. Make sure you are not using a formula that’s marked long wear.
2. Eyelash Extensions: Faux lashes are applied with glue. You may not realize you are allergic to the glue, and this can result in irritation and circles around the eye area.
3. Swimming Goggles: These little guys add pressure to the under-eye area. Reach for a pair of open-water goggles as they rest on the outside of the orbital rim.

Source: Womens Health Magazine, Beauty
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