Joakim Shares New Video for “Forever Young” Single


Parisian producer Joakim is gearing up to release his highly anticipated new album Nothing Gold this fall on his own Tigersushi Records. The album sees a host of collaborations with Tigersushi’s roster of artists, including Discodeine, who have worked their sought-after magic on and re-shaped the first single “Forever Young” in a coveted remix you can lay your greedy little hands on right here right now. Click for more …

LISTEN and DOWNLOAD: “Forever Young (Discodeine Remix)” by Joakim on XLR8R

“Forever Young” boasts a seriously relatable narrative to thirty-somethings everywhere. Hidden inside the various fluctuations of Joakim and Co’s brand of synthy pop goodness is an ode to “That weird place between youth and middle age.”

The video for the single demonstrates that sentiment with bits of scratchy, blurry, faded out glory from a universal time of youth through the decades juxtaposed with images of the impending doom of old age and obscurity creeping up on you, bubbling dangerously to the surface like a volcano about to erupt. There is definitely a sense of of being trapped in limbo, waiting to lurch forward, wishing desperately to go back. “Watching the news, taking some pills … you used to be young,” sums it all up doesn’t it? Ah, adulthood.

WATCH: “Forever Young” Official Video by Joakim



Nothing Gold drops officially September 30 (Tigersushi Records). The single “Forever Young” is out now on 12 “ and digitally on Beatport. The official worldwide release is tomorrow, June 30 on iTunes. Here are those tour dates:



North American Tour Dates
July 8th : SF, No Way Back @ 222 Hyde
July 9th : LA, A Club Called Rhonda @ El Cid
July 13th : Washington, Fixed @ UHall
July 14th : Philly, Snacks @ Voyeur
July 16th : NYC, WarmUp @ PS1
July 28th : Chicago, Club Berlin





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