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Just Go With It, a Mature Comedy

A very funny script and a cast with great chemistry in hilarious situations the film Just Go With It gets 2011 off to a good start.  What drives the ordinary plot to a successful piece of comedic entertainment are the trio of leads and three wonderful support characters.  Just Go With It provides great entertainment for a date or girls/guys night out.

Jennifer Aniston, Adam Sandler and Brooklyn Decker

The plot involves Danny (Adam Sandler) a very successful plastic surgeon who has had no trouble getting dates using a very unusual ploy, letting the girls know he’s married.  It has been working like a charm until he meets Palmer (Brooklyn Decker) the girl of his dreams.  With the fake wedding ring he uses in his pocket the two have an amazing night.  But the next morning things take an about face when she finds the gold circle and breaks the spell.  Danny starts a chain of lies to try and keep her and finds himself with his back to the wall.  His only hope for support is his newly divorced medical assistant Katherine (Jennifer Aniston), or so he thinks.

The chemistry between the trio of Sandler, Decker and Aniston is unbelievably magical making the clichéd plot work.  Throwing Katherine’s kids Michael and Maggie played by Griffin Gluck and Bailee Madison into the mix takes the comedy to another level when the sly children get the trio to Hawaii.  Here the situations begin to get a little crazy, but never get too over-the-top.

Brooklyn Decker as Palmer

Guys don’t be afraid to take your loved one to see the film on Valentines Day as there’s enough eye candy for the both of you.  And if you just want a men’s night out, both Aniston and Decker are enough to energize your libido.

Director Dennis Dugan (The Benchwarmers, Big Daddy, Problem Child) has enough comedy credits to fill a video library and here he shows his stuff in a big way.  Although I did not agree with his choice of Nicole Kidman or the filler scene at the hula show, the rest of his little ditty does work well.  Ably bringing out the charm between the three co-stars and making the transitions between locations work, Dugan provides a very nice show for anyone mature enough to understand the comedy.

Just Go With It is rated PG-13 for frequent crude and sexual content, partial nudity, brief drug references and language.  It has the kind of content that’s a proven winner for most modern comedies these days.

FINAL ANALYSIS: A sure bet for a fun evening. (B)

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