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Look Good on Your Summer Vacation

Look Good on Your Summer Vacation

It’s almost summertime and many people are already planning their summer vacations. For many, one of the stressors in preparation before departure is the packing. What do you take with you without taking too much?

Everyone wants to look good on their vacation, and in the many photos they take to share with friends and family, but no one wants to look like they got beat up by the sun! Find out what you can bring with you on your next trip to keep you looking your best and feeling fresh.

Vacation Product Essentials

Facial wipes. You will use this non-stop from the flight to hotel check-in to post-excursion; wipes contain bacteria fighting ingredients to keep you feeling refreshed all summer long.

Sheet facial masks. More compact than packing an entire jar of your favorite face mask, a sheet mask can take your hotel stay from ordinary to lavish. Sneak 15 minutes to lay back and enjoy a sheet a mask that will brighten up your complexion and reinforce your relaxed state of mind.

Lip balm. Keep lips moisturized and healthy while on vacation. It’s all about back to basics in regards to beauty when on vacation. You’ll be surprised how much better your #NoFilter selfie looks after a simple swipe of lip balm.

Multi-use products. Think lip and cheek stains, like Benefit’s Benetint. Pack a matte neutral eyeshadow that can also double up as brow powder.

Mattifying powder. Take this on the go with you to blot down your gleaming complexion with.

Sunscreen. Do we really have to say it? Yes, we do! Pack it with you or buy it when you reach your destination- either way, get it, use it, and keep reapplying.

Leave-in conditioner. Or whichever miracle product keeps your frizz at bay. Between dips into the pool, beach, the sun’s heat, and any other natural wonders you’ll be experiencing on your trip it’s important to keep hair hydrated for a beautiful mane.

Facial cleanser. Don’t rely on the cleansers hotels provide, if they even offer it. Especially if your skin is sensitive, in order to avoid breakouts while on vacation bring your coveted cleanser with you.

Source: beautypress.com

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