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“The Lost Key” Lessons in Intimacy, Released for Home Video

“The Lost Key” Lessons in Intimacy, Released for Home Video

One of the most definitive and meaningful tell all’s involving the Jewish faith, The Lost Key reveals the teachings of the Kabbalah. Through the search of one man, Ricardo Adler, we find how he rose from a failed marriage to find meaning and understanding of marriage and sexuality. The film takes a microscopic view of sex as it relates to achieving true intimacy with your partner beyond all the stereotypes and human sensitivity. Even if you are not a member of the Jewish faith, this film can open doors that are locked shut by misunderstandings, deception and self-serving sexuality. Now available on  Amazon, iTunes, Google Play or Vudu.  Also the DVD can be purchased through The Lost Key website as well? It has bonus features not available anywhere else, about 40 mins extras.

The life of Ricardo Adler inspired this documentary that he put together with associates while wanting to find out why his marriage went wrong. He started recording interviews with many persons connected with sexuality and marriage including those of the Israeli faith. Most of the interviews presented in the film cover common and personal questions about sexuality and marriage.

Ricardo Adler with Rabbi Manis Friedman

Ricardo Adler with Rabbi Manis Friedman

During the 88 minutes Adler and his co-directors interview some of the most respected rabbis, sex therapists, clinical psychologists including Rabbi Manis Friedman. A highly respected marriage counselor, Rabbi Friedman uses the Torah and Kabbalah to emphasize his teachings and lessons. In one scene he states “we cannot be slaves to our sexuality, our sexuality has to serve us”. The female side of the marriage and sexuality question is highlighted by Rabbanit Chani Likpskar who says “sexuality among young people is animalistic”. Rabbi Friedman feels that Intimacy is the goal of all people; “Intimacy is the ability where two people become one. It’s a divine experience. Love is not important. It will not keep you together. Only intimacy will.”

Some documentaries never get to the point at what their topic means to all of us, but The Lost Key hammers it home in a very meaningful way. Nicely written, directed and shot with excellent camera work the movie offers many insights and answers to sexuality, marriage and intimacy. The points by the rabbis, rabbanits, psychologists, therapists and other counselors are not preachy, overstated or conditional, they just make a lot of sense for those who want solid, moral marriages. What you take away from the film will help your relationship with your partner, even though you think your relationship is perfect already. http://thelostkey.com/

The Lost Key is now available on home video through Amazon, iTunes, Google Play and Vudu. 

Also the DVD can be purchased through The Lost Key website as well? It has bonus features not available anywhere else, about 40 mins extras. http://thelostkey.com/


Additional Film Information: (5 out of 5 Stars)

Cast: Ricardo Adler, Rabbi Manis Friedman, Rabbanit Goldie Slavin, Pauline & Yosi Salman, Dr. James Pitisci, Rabbanit Chani Lipskar
Directed by: Ricardo Adler, Ricardo Korda, Belen Orsini
Written by: Ricardo Adler
Genre: Documentary
MPAA Rating: Unrated, intimate language and photos
Running Time: 1 hr 28 min

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