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Milla Jovovich Talks About Resident Evil: Retribution

Yes, boys and girls, the undead will return this September with our indefatigable heroeine once again fighting the evil Umbrella corporation in Resident Evil: Retribution.

In this 5th installment of the Resident Evil franchise—in full 3D no less—Alice (Milla Jovovich) teams up with a resistance movement in the ongoing battle against Umbrella and the undead. Once again captured by Umbrella, Alice awakens in their facility to explore the complex, reveal more of her past, and ultimately find those responsible for the outbreak. This time, she joins forces with resistance teams from major cities around the world and discovers a stunning truth, one that forces her to do some soul searching about who she really is and role of the Umbrella Corporation.

At a recent Wondercon press conference, Jovovich expressed her feelings about Resident Evil in some detail. “What I love about the franchise more than anything is the honesty that goes into it. When we made the first movie, it was me playing the game with my little brother for 5, 6, 7 hours a day for weeks. It was hearing about making the movie and me thinking, ‘Oh, my God, my brother would die if I was the chick from Resident Evil.’ ”

Getting the right cast was a challenge, as Jovovich put it, “It was getting Michele Rodriguez,who everybody knows is a worldwide gamer, to stop playing Tour of Duty, so we could put a real weapon in her hands for the film. But there was always a real passion for the games and these films. No one did it for the money. It was this tiny European action horror flick. Everybody did it because we really loved it and believed in it.”

Asked about the irregular release timing of Resident Evil films, Jovovich replied, “It all depends on when we write the script. It’s not like the studio is breathing down our necks for a script. So with every film, we concentrate on making it the best we can.”

Resident Evil: Retribution in 3D comes out September 14th.

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