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Minimize Litter Box Odors – Your Cat Will Love You For It

When you visit a friend’s house and you need to use the bathroom … do you want to step into a smelly, dirty room to do your business? Why should your cat have to do it? Better than that – why would you want to smell your cat’s litter box – especially if you are in a small house, condo or apartment…

There are tons of cat litters on the market that say you can go seven days without changing the litter because it will “mask” the smell. That’s great – for you… not so much for your furry pal. Would you want to go to the bathroom on a toilet that is full of urine and feces? Your kitty should have to do it either. It isn’t sanity or healthy for him – or you.

Some cats will be very picky about their bathroom options. Some won’t use it if it gets too dirty (and rightly so!) — but others may. When this happens they tend to get that oh so nasty litter smell all over them … and make no mistake – that litter and all those nasty things like urine and feces can get in their paws and coat — and will get all over your house!

What can you do to keep your fur-tastic feline happy, healthy and smelling like a fresh kitty and not litty kitty?

Cat Litter Hygiene Tips

1. Scoop Daily


For the love of cats — why would you leave your feline’s unmentionables in his litter box? Scoop it immediately you lazy human! If you don’t wan to dump it in your trash can or make a trip to the dumpster daily,  there are special litter trashcans you can buy that allow you to use small baggies each time you scoop — and then deposit them into the air-tight container. This will prevent any odor from escaping.

2. Empty your Litter Box at Least Once Per Month


Use an enzyme cleaner to clear any remnants of urine or proteins that are fecal the box. If you don’t believe it’s there, get a handheld UV light. You’ll be simultaneously amazed and disgusted. Clean the floor and surfaces that are surrounding the container ended up being. Dry the container completely and fill with fresh litter. To help with smell and absorbency, you are able to sprinkle some unscented baking soft drink within the extremely bottom previous to placing litter within the box.

It’s also vital to make use of a quality litter. Now, once I state “quality,” that does not immediately equal “expensive.” What you’re looking for is really a litter your cat will require to (texture), ideally low- or non-scented, plus one that quickly and tightly clumps around waste. This causes it to be easier to information, and in addition it reduces remnant smells as you’re perhaps not making small items of waste in some places.

3. Use a UV Light to Find Soiled Areas Outside the Box


The proteins within the urine will glow bright yellow/yellowish green on fresh spots. Treated or old spots can look being a yellow that is dull. Thoroughly clean soiled areas with an enzyme cleaner made specifically for cat urine. If your box is clean and your cat still refuses to use it, it’s possible that your cat doesn’t like the placement of the box, or they may have a condition that is medical. Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are really a major reason for kitties urinating outside the cat litter box, and, if you suspect your cat has a UTI.

Remember, scoop your box that is litter at once a day, clean the box, scoop, clean any other related items regularly with an enzyme cleaner, and use a quality litter. A clean box that is litter for the happier, healthy pet as well as an odor-free house for you personally!



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