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New Resident Evil 6 Screenshots and Info

New Resident Evil 6 Screenshots and Info

Getting excited about the upcoming Resident Evil 6 release later this year? So are we! Capcom just released a little more info about the game today. For all of you wondering what year the game is actually set in — it is 2013. The primary location where all of the action takes place in the game is in China, mainly in a fictitious coastal town called Lanshiang.

Main characters in this one: Leon Kennedy, Helena Harper, Chris Redfield, Ingrid Hunnigan, Adam Benford and a nameless protagonist whose real identity is yet to be determined.

Enemies: Well, of course there will be plenty of zombies, and then there is J’avo. Named after the Serbian word that means “demon”, able to regenerate itself or spawn damaged body parts into various forms that must be destroyed. Players will have to adapt to these unpredictable, mutant-attacking body parts.

The control system for the game has changed slightly. Players can now shoot while moving, slide, roll in any direction and take cover, and there is an enhanced melee attack ability as well.

Check out some screen shots from the game below:

[flagallery gid=1 name= Screenshots]


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