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Ocean’s 8: Can a New Cast Succeed?

Ocean’s 8: Can a New Cast Succeed?

One of this year’s most eagerly anticipated movies is one with quite a legacy behind it. Ocean’s 8 will be the fourth movie in the Ocean’s movie series, but with no George Clooney involved, and the lack of an obvious key character to keep the thread between this and the other three movies intact, some commentators have struggled to work out the connection between this and the other titles.

Despite this, the timing of the movie arguably couldn’t be better. The cast is primarily made up of women, and the setting of the movie has switched to a different niche: the Met Gala. With a star cast including Sandra Bullock, Anne Hathaway, Mindy Kaling, and Rihanna, at a time when gender equality is being, correctly, put firmly at the forefront of the Hollywood film industry, this could well turn out to be one of the biggest box office smash hits of 2018.

Will There Be a Tribute to The Previous Movies?

It doesn’t just take a star cast to make a movie appealing though, well-timed as the themes may be. The link to themes from previous movies within the same franchise needs to be there to an extent, even if just in the context of mirroring the excitement and thrill elements of past action. With regards to Ocean’s, one of the most exciting aspects of the previous movies was the thrill of the card game scenes and the pure glitz and glamor of the casinos portrayed. In Ocean’s 8, while the focus will now clearly be on the Met Gala, the fact that there is a casino scene in the trailer suggests that there will at least be a nod to the previous movie scenes that helped to bring the world of the casino to a new demographic.

Indeed, the original Ocean’s films as well as the more recent remakes were set in Las Vegas in an age during which the closest many people would get to this luxury was through watching movies like these. Of course, things are different in 2018 and the backdrop the new movie sits against has changed. Operators like 32Red online casino have made it easier for consumers to experience casino gaming at home or on the go, allowing those with an interest to take on roulette tables, blackjack games and slot machines.

Some operators, such as 32Red, choose to offer as diverse a gaming range as possible, while others, including StarSpins, opt for focusing on one of the games in question in their range and marketing efforts. The growing interest in operators online does, nonetheless, prove that it’s a winning theme for other entertainment outlets, including cinema. The lack of sustained focus on this topic in the new movie, though, is unlikely to hold it back too much. After all, the glitz and the glamor will still be portrayed; even if this time it’s focusing on a hugely expensive ($150 million) necklace, the clear nod to big money should provide that cool, glam edge that the Ocean’s films need.

Will It Be a Big Money Bonanza?

Speaking of big money, clearly the injection of star quality into the cast is one of the ways the new movie will inject glamor into the movie experience. Global pop superstar Rihanna is one example. Keen to showcase that she can be an actor after some previous flops that saw her landed with a Razzie Award for Worst Supporting Actress for her turn in Battleship, her inclusion is likely to appeal to a brand new audience who may not be familiar with the other movies. Anne Hathaway, meanwhile, is a talented Oscar winner, as is the formidable Sandra Bullock. This heavyweight cast is, in summary, clearly more than capable of matching the likes of Matt Damon, Brad Pitt, and George Clooney, who all appeared in previous Ocean’s films.

All of the signs hinting at box office success are positive, but as we all know from the Hollywood circuit, absolutely nothing is certain. If the dialogue, feel, and direction of the movie fails to emulate at least a proportion of the factors that made the previous Ocean’s movies such commercial successes, the movie’s producers and directors could yet be left regretting their decision to stray away from the world of the casino.

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  • Ray
    February 19, 2018, 3:07 pm

    I just did a week-long review of the original trilogy and I’m looking forward to this one…not too sure about RIhanna (how does she keep getting movie parts?), but otherwise I think the cast is very exciting and should do an awesome job. If anything, I think we should see appearances from at least Linus and Ocean in this movie…particularly considering how Matt Damon’s character develops in the original trilogy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SZps0_u1QrQ