Jay-Z Reopens 40/40 Club

Two weeks ago, Jay-Z and Beyonce welcomed their daughter, Blue Ivy Carter into the world. This week? Jay-Z welcomes celebrities, …


George Lucas, known for his adventure and science fiction films, tears a page from the WWII war history book and produces Red Tails a true story of courage in the face of adversity and discrimination. Much like Spike Lee’s Miracle at St. Anna the backdrop of war becomes the field on which we see the selfless devotion of African-American soldiers helping to maintain a free world. I like the way director Anthony Hemingway tells his story based on true events with a kind heart and forgiving hand, even though the situation was probably more disparaging than he shows here.


From a ravenous mixed martial arts maven to a star overnight Gina Carano takes acting to new heights in Haywire a spy thriller from Academy Award winning director Steven Soderbergh. Her screen presence gets so lively that I couldn’t keep my eyes off the screen. Knowing that the blows she has to give her adversaries have a lot of impact on her character Carano doesn’t hold back a thing. She may be new to acting, but that’s only the tip of her talent. It’s just too bad that other factors beyond her control cause the film to ‘tap out’.


The touching film Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close delves into the mind of a young boy on a quest. It’s not the quest that’s important here, but the determination and desire to make peace with a loss so great it’s nearly impossible. Director Stephen Daldry takes us on that journey as if we were the ones looking for answers.

Golden Globes 2012, Best Dressed

So let’s be honest- we tell people we watch the Golden Globes every year to fulfill our duty as devoted …

Interview with Lost Girl’s Anna Silk, Zoie Palmer, and Kris Holden-Reid

The stars of Lost Girl, Anna Silk, Zoie Palmer, and Kris Holden-Reid, recently took the time to chat with our …


    I can see why Contraband has been set for release in January, with December being action/adventure month this …


Bizarre and yet a tasty morsel, Carnage is one of those ‘fly on the wall’ films where in this case you get to watch the decay of one’s social skills and can laugh without them hearing you. It’s four stellar actors in a room with a very wacky script and a tall order of ego, all moving in opposite directions over a simple solution.