One of my most loved animated films of 2010 gets its release on 3D Blu-ray, Blu-ray, and DVD.  The much-anticipated …


Bringing to light a heinous crime, Poetry does a good job of making a case against bullying. The acting, directing and cinematography all connect in this South Korean tale that is heartbreaking and revealing. Acting saves the lengthy wondering film.

Nausicaa out on Blu-ray

Japan’s most prestigious animation studio has released  one from their vault in Blu-ray .  Studio Ghibli the production company that …

Limitless, A Chilling Focus Factor

The premise of Limitless involves the use of a mythical drug that magically makes a person a total Einstein, the …

The Lincoln Lawyer, ‘Court’ing a Killer

By John Delia

Suspenseful, intriguing and exciting Lincoln Lawyer makes the legal system entertaining. With all the TV attorney shows pushing for top ratings, this film comes at the right time. A strong cast, excellent direction and a riveting storyline make Lincoln Lawyer a must see.

Paul, an A for the Alien

  If you are a Sci Fi comedy nut like myself Paul delivers 104 minutes of amazement and fun.  The …

Studio Ghibli Releases New Film on DVD

Japan’s most prestigious animation studio has released a new entry into the market called Tales of Earthsea. Studio Ghibli the production company that made the Academy Award winner Spirited Away and the recent kid favorite Ponyo delivers exciting family friendly films that inspire and entertain.

Cedar Rapids, Comedy Insurance

Posted on March 12, 2011 Filed Under Entertainment, Movie Review | Leave a Comment       The comedies are …