THE HELP, An Oscar Contender

Now on Blu-ray/DVD The Help hits the street on Tuesday December 6th and it has all the ear-markings of becoming the hottest item of the holiday season. My prediction for this film at the Oscars include nominations for Best Picture, Best Actress, 2 Best Supporting Actress, Costumes and Musical Score.

THE SKIN I LIVE IN, Deliciously Bizarre

  This film gets so incredible that it’s perfect for mainstream and fans of the “bizarre” alike.  It’s called The …

INTO THE ABYSS, A sinking attempt at a hot topic

  I’m not really fond of evaluating films based on political questions, religious beliefs or social values so with Into …

ANSWERS TO NOTHING, meaningless entertainment

Here’s an attempt to make a film where the audience has to get involved with many characters for an ending payoff. One problem with the movie, the title says it all, Answers to Nothing. Taking a shocking event and building a story around it can be very entertaining, but not if it gets overly complicated and that’s what happens in the film.

CHILLERAMA, it’s horrormania on Blu-ray

We all know what a horror flick’s effect has on the brain, but how about a gory one that’s made with a comical tone. Just arrived on Blu-ray/DVD, Chillerama, a campy weird and fun take on some of our beloved terror films. It’s hysterically ridiculous, and that’s a good thing. Just think of films like 1978’s “Attack of the Killer Tomatoes” and you will get what I mean.


Director Martin Scorsese takes his audience on a magical ride through a Paris train station in the adventurous tale Hugo. Graced with an amazing cast that makes his wonderful characters come alive, it’s an enchanting production.


I grew up watching “The Muppet Show” on television every week and the new movie The Muppets has all the same characters as the program. The show hasn’t been around for a very long time so it was great to see the old gang getting back together. If your children like a lot of silliness and some lessons to be learned in a fun way, then I recommend taking them to see The Muppets.


  Well the Twilight Saga has finally reached its ebb with the first half of Breaking Dawn that opens this …