Season four finds Westen hooking up with Fiona and Sam in some incredible situations from bad bikers, Chinese mafia to black listed spies and a dock worker (and that’s just the first disc). I do have to admit, the addition of Cody Bell, as burned spy Jesse Garcia, is a brilliant move. The writing seems to get better from season to season and I found four right up at the top.

GNOMEO & JULIET out on 3D Blu-ray

Talking about eye-popping 3D the current release of Gnomeo & Juliet provides a heaping helping of the special entertainment on Blu-ray. The combo pack provides four ways to watch the film Blu-ray 3D, Blu-ray disc, DVD and a Digital Copy so even if you do not have 3D right now, it’s yours for the future.

I AM NUMBER FOUR, Blu-ray/DVD review

Here is a cool film that reminds me of a cross between the television show X-Files and the comic book …


Yo Ho Ho and a mighty jug of Depp. Commanding every scene in his 4th installment of Pirates of the Caribbean, Depp shows that he hasn’t slowed down. Although the film is lacking in some respects, On Stranger Tides entertains with comedy, action and awesome 3D. Whether you’ve seen the other three or just getting started, you are in for a pirating thrill ride.


Through the art of interviews, news footage, old photos and home movies we are brought to the reflection of a new age for Russia in the feature documentary My Perestroika. The eye opening of a huge powerful country in transition speaks loudly about capitalism, communism, socialism, politics and a proud people. Has the amazing change stood the test of time?

BRIDESMAIDS, An Amusing Comedy

After watching the previews I had the impression that Bridesmaids was going to be a female Hangover. You know a group of women of many personalities including an oddball that carries much of the laughter and getting into trouble in Las Vegas. Well after watching the film, I found it's not the case at all.

EVERYTHING MUST GO, Ferrell to a higher level

Looking for a shot a huge recognition in acting, Will Ferrell takes on a dramatic role in the film Everything Must Go. The deep seeded movie puts him in a setting far from his comical fame and he nails the character with aplomb. If you like drama that deals with personal problems, marriage difficulties or psychological hardships, then Everything Must Go has it all for you.


The quirky comedy Ceremony features a great cast under the direction of first timer Max Winkler. It’s Max’s entry into the world of controlling a set, actors and final production of a film. Having written the script for Ceremony helps him pull off a nice little comedy that entertains.