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  • “Looking Glass” Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

    “Looking Glass” Mirror, Mirror on the Wall0

    Dark and disturbing, the movie Looking Glass is now playing in Theaters and available on VOD and Digital HD. The movie’s a tossup between the Bates Motel for the most wicked and lecherous movie in decades. Looking Glass does have the inventive storyline down pat, however the direction and production value could have been a

  • “The Millionaires’ Unit” a Visionary Squad

    “The Millionaires’ Unit” a Visionary Squad0

    There are many different kinds of documentaries, ones that feature a biography of someone or group, others that cover historical events like wars, the opening of king Tuts tomb for example, and hundreds of topics. The documentary The Millionaires’ Unit takes you back to a forgotten hero group that helped America during World War I.


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