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Pilatesology. If It Isn’t Forever, It Isn’t For Real

Pilatesology. If It Isn’t Forever, It Isn’t For Real

Happy National Pilates Month. No really. This little gem of a workout is great for those of us who either don’t like to go to the gym or don’t have “time”. You can easily do these “classes” or exercises from the comfort of your own home. One great site that gives you a lot of options every month is Pilatesology.

The site was created by husband-and-wife team Jack Coble and Alisa Wyatt. They give classes/instruction on any pilates move you can think of. The instructors are even trained by Joe Pilates himself, who taught Mari Winsor … who then taught Miley Cyrus (no, you don’t need a wrecking ball), and many others who later went on to train Christy Turlington and even Oprah.

Founder Alisa Wyatt says, “Pilatesology is a place where anyone of any age or skill level can do their own classical Pilates workouts at home. We post fresh, new workouts every week and our classically trained teachers are simply the very best in the world.”

Chelsea w logo“We understand that beginning a Pilates practice can be intimidating and overwhelming and that’s why we created Pilatesology. We add brand new mat workouts every week to our growing library of classes, so that no matter where you are, or what level you’re at, you can get your Pilates fix,” Wyatt continues.

Not only that, “At Pilatesology, you can be confident that you’re practicing Pilates the way that Joseph Pilates intended. We choose to stick to Joe’s original method because we know it works and it will change your body faster than any other style of Pilates,” says Wyatt.

The great thing about this site is that there are classes for all fitness levels (I am pretty sure my level is negative 1). You can also customize the program to target a body issue or master a new skill using the Pilates methodology. Another great thing — classes can be as short as 5 minutes or as long as 120 minutes. You get to decide. Which also means — no “time” excuses …

The blog on their site will give tips to members about diet and exercise in general so users benefit from instructor’s tips on healthy eating and exercise as part of a lifestyle — not just a quick fix for a temporary weight loss goal. We all know — when it comes to weight loss and a healthy lifestyle — if it isn’t forever it isn’t for real.

Even though you work out at home — or anywhere you may roam — you don’t have to be alone. There is a supportive online community there anytime you need a little positive motivation as well.

For those who are budget conscious, an entire yearly membership at Pilatesology is actually less than two private sessions in most studios. That’s not too bad… If you are new to Pilates, and you are looking to give this a try as part of your fitness routine, this is the perfect place to start.

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