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Pinterest – Social Network for Self Expression

Pinterest – Social Network for Self Expression

Are you looking for the latest social network to join? One that’s a little less for stalking other people and a lot more for, well, yourself? Pinterest might just be it!

I do have to admit, I am hesitant to sign up for anything that demands to be linked to my Facbeook or Twitter accounts.  However, I got over my fear (of what I was afraid I’m not exactly sure), linked Pinterest with my Twitter account, and signed in.

There isn’t much thinking involved, as Pinterest immediately sets up followers based on what categories appeal to you (ie: fitness, technology, photography, etc.).  I initially did not like the idea of following Pinterest-ers whom I knew nothing about, but then I realized the goal of the network is to find IDEAS from others that inspire your own.

So how exactly do you Pinterest, you ask?  Well, there is a little button you add to your bookmarks called “Pin it” which, when clicked, takes a picture of the website you’re on, and then you can add this picture to the pin board of your choice.  This network is ideal for those planning events; say your best friend’s 25th birthday.  When looking through different hot spots to host your event, you can simply press “Pin it” and have all the photos with links to the original site (all credit is reserved to the initial website) in one spot!

Or perhaps you want to put all of your favorite movies, or those that you want to watch, on a board.  That way, when you finally get some “you-time” and decide to curl up under a blanket and watch a movie, you can just go to your Pinterest board for ideas of what to watch.  How convenient!

Imagine: a social network that cares more about the sci-fi flicks I watch than embarrassing pics from last Friday. I suppose 2012 IS starting to look like a new world!

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