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“Quarry” a Gut-wrenching Series of Murder and Mayhem

“Quarry” a Gut-wrenching Series of Murder and Mayhem


Wow! comes to mind after watching Showtime’s Quarry on DVD. When you sit to watch the first episode it’s like a good book, you can’t put it down, or in this case you can’t turn it off. It had me hooked with its exciting characters, compelling story, and surprising twists. It’s not your ordinary crime drama, even though you may have seen comparable on cable TV, this one gets as gritty as they come.

Discharged Army military Mac (Logan Marshall-Green) and Arthur (Jamie Hector) arrive at the Memphis airport following their second tour of duty in Vietnam. There they are greeted by TV cameras as protesters taunt them for being part of the squad who took part in the Quan Thang massacre involving women and children.

The Broker (Peter Mullan) tries to convince Mac( Logan Marshall-Green) to work for him in QUARRY

After eluding the protesters Mac surprises his wife Joni (Jodi Balfour) and he starts to settle back into being a husband. After being turned down by many companies, some because of Quan Thang, his old friend gives him work in a garage. Mac gets approached by a henchman of The Broker (Peter Mullan) offering him big money as a contract killer. He vehemently refuses, but finds out later that Arthur has signed on due to his financial situation.

Arthur asks for Mac’s help as a lookout for his next job and everything goes wrong. The series continues with Mac being forced to take on Arthur’s debt and finally joining with The Broker. Each episode finds Mac up to his ears in danger and getting out of harm’s way the best he can. It’s a compelling series that you get sucked into during every episode.

Mac (Logan Marshall-Green) with Arthur (Jamie Hector) in QUARRY

The acting by everyone from main characters to bit parts make the 8 one-hour episodes work. Logan Marshall-Green leads the cast showing his brilliance in every minute of Quarry. He’s relentless as Mac who uses his quickness and military training to take down his target or escape. He’s macho and should be spotted by filmmakers for a chance to star in a major action film down the road.

Playing Mac’s wife Joni, Jodi Balfour has a tough role opposite Marshall-Green who commands the screen no matter what scene he’s in. But, Jodi holds her own in several situations, especially showing her emotions when she finds herself kidnapped and other tight scenes.

Logan Marshall-Green as Mac and Jodi Balfour as Joni in QUARRY


The bonus features in Quarry are very good including scenes that were cut and comments on production and “making of”.

“Deleted Scenes” – A fascinating selection of more than two dozen deleted scenes from Season 1.
“Inside Quarry” – Get an inside look at each episode of Quarry with the cast and crew of the acclaimed series.
“Quan Thang Inquiry Scenes” – Check out declassified interview footage in which Mac (Logan Marshall-Green) and other soldiers testify to the events of the Quan Thang tragedy.
“About Quarry” – Delve inside the setting, characters and storylines of Quarry with the cast and crew.
“Music of Memphis” – Join the cast and crew for an inside look at the classic R&B soundtrack and live music seen in the show.
“Recreating 1972” – The cast and crew of Quarry reveal how they turned back the clock to recreate the sets and styles of Memphis in 1972.
“Love Letters” – Hear the recorded correspondence between Mac and Joni while he served in Vietnam.
“Car Chase Picture in Picture” – Join Quarry star Logan Marshall-Green for this action-packed look at the staging of a rough-and-tumble car chase from the series.
Music Videos – Watch a collection of music videos featuring some of the blistering tracks from the series’.
“Audio Commentary” Replay episodes while listening to the filmmakers and co-creators explain scenes and more.

Quarry has been rated TV-MA which has been deemed suitable for people over the age of 17-years-old. The series does include nudity, sex, violence, drug use and language, some of which is extreme. Adults should watch the DVD prior to letting immature children see the content.

FINAL ANALYSIS: an adult action drama series that leaves very little to the imagination

Specifications and additional video information:
Cast: Logan Marshall, Jodi Balfour, Nikki Amuka-Bird, Jamie Hector as Arthur, Damon Herriman, Edoardo Ballerini, Mustafa Shakir, Ann Dowd, Skipp Sudduth, Josh Randall, Kurt Yaeger, Peter Mullan
Creators: Michael D. Fuller, Graham Gordy
TV Rating: MA, contains violence, nudity, sex, drug use
Genre: Drama, Crime
Running Time: 478 minutes
Video Release Date: February 14, 2017
Original HBO Release Date: September 9, 2016 thru October 28, 2016
Language: English (changeable to French, Latin Spanish)
Reviewed Format: DVD (also available on Blu-ray)
Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1
Video: 16:9, Aspect Ratio 1.78:1
Subtitles: English SDH, French, Latin Spanish, Brazilian, Portuguese, Thai
Number of Discs: 3 Discs + Ultraviolet Digital HD
Distributed by: Warner Home Video

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