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Real Cool, The Complete 12 Seasons of BONES

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment has also released all twelve seasons in what I call a “BRICK”. Its 12 Boxed DVD’s including season 12 (reviewed in this article). That’s 144 episodes from the beginning in 2005 to the finale in 2017.

You’ll see twelve years of aging from the innocent and gorgeous Emily Deschanel to the changes in fashions over the many years on the perps and the other characters that join the main cast. Best of all, if you missed any of the episodes, have never watched a season, or just want to relive the 10752 minutes of uninterrupted crime and forensic science, it’s all in one big box.

And that’s not all. There’s over 6 hours of Bonus Extras including all the deleted scenes, more gag reels than you can shake a stick at, audio commentaries from actors and executive producers, production design and visual effects and a whole lot more.

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