Scarface Is Coming Back


Scarface is on its way back to theaters—and not the same way it did a few years ago. Back in 2011, Brian De Palma’s crime masterpiece returned to the silver screen for a single night to satisfy its most enthusiastic fans. This time around, the return of Scarface is not about a special screening so much as a brand new film, set to reboot the 1983 movie that reimagined Howard Hawks’ 1932 original.

Naturally, we have a few questions, some of which we’ll try to work through below.

Is This Really Happening?

Yes, this is really happening. Antoine Fuqua has been attached to direct for some time now, and an article at CinemaBlend revealed that the project has taken a strong step forward, with Terence Winter (of The Sopranos) now attached to write. Universal is producing, and all indications are that this project is going full speed ahead. Barring disaster, we will indeed be seeing a Scarface remake.

Who Will Play Tony Montana?

Right now, we have no idea who will be playing Tony Montana, but you can be assured that it’ll be huge news when we do. This is about as big a reboot role as you could find, and stepping into Al Pacino’s shoes is a job that only an extraordinarily talented actor should take on. Maxim published a list of seven actors who ought to be considered, and it was well thought out. Of the men who made the list, the one who may stand out the most is Oscar Isaac. He’s a young Guatemalan-American actor who became a star seemingly overnight, and he even looks a little bit like a young Pacino from certain angles.

Will It Lead To A Scarface Game?

This is a side issue, but it’s hard to ignore the idea of a playable Scarface tale on a modern gaming console. A game called “Scarface: The World Is Yours” came out in 2006 and actually got good reviews, but it’s now a bit dated. There’s a more modern example of a Scarface title, featured among the online games at Lottoland. However, that version is an arcade slot reel game with themes and designs that help players to enter the world of the movie. Characters and settings from the “American underworld” are present, and it’s a nice tribute. But this, too, falls short of what a modern console game based on this character and narrative could be. We can at least hope that a reboot will lead to a fresh, fantastic game.

Is Al Pacino Okay With This?

Al Pacino is still very much in the game, and one could imagine him taking issue with one of his most famous roles being handed over to a younger actor. To the actor’s credit, he’s all for it, and that’s good enough for us!

Will This Be A Modern Take?

With this third version of the story on the way it’s become clear that Scarface is, to Hollywood, more of a concept than a single story. Just like the 1983 version had a setting that was more appropriate for the time than the 1932 film, Fuqua’s take will likely take on a drug-related crime family in the 21st century.

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