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Season 3 Magicians: Sentient Ships, Singing Contests, and no Magic?

The Magicians will return to eager fans who have been under its spell for two seasons. Last season, the humor and pop culture references gave the show a Buffy-esque attitude.

Jason Ralph (photo: Rodolfo Martinez/Syfy)

Yet the show stuck to its drama/thriller roots, underscored by not shying away from the trauma of a sexual assault storyline. The season ended climactically when Quentin (Jason Ralph) and Julia (Stella Maeve) turned things upside down by ending magic.

Olivia Taylor Dudley (photo: Rodolfo Martinez/Syfy)

Quintin will miss magic and Alice (Olivia Taylor Dudley) will be doing some soul searching to learn who she really is without the crutch of magic. Margo’s (Summer Bishil) will continue to struggle with the hard choices she has to make, which may end up hurting those she loves.

The Muntjac sentient ship

One big reveal will be the Muntjac, a magic, sentient ship that can talk, think and suffer injury. Resembling an old ship on the outside, the Muntjac’s interior is designed to look and feel like a living organism. To get into the nautical spirit, some cast will wear eye patches and seafaring uniforms.

Stella Maeve (photo: Rodolfo Martinez/Syfy)

One upcoming episode will even have some cast actually engage in a singing competition, with the losers dying and the winners getting a chance to return back to magic.

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