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Skies Revolt Set to Release Fifth Edition of ‘Making Moves’ Vinyl Series

Following their recently released album Some Kind of Cosmonaut earlier this year (Jan 2012), alternative rock quartet The Skies Revolt will also be releasing their Making Moves 7-inch on October 23rd. It is the fifth in a series of releases featuring a few hand-picked bands for the special project headed up by members of Motion City Soundtrack. The Skies Revolt release will contain two single tracks on 7-inch vinyl, as well as a bonus track with the digital package.

Released jointly on MAD Dragon Records and Motion City Soundtrack’s recently launched record label, The Boombox Generation, the Making Moves project features a series of 7-inch releases by emerging artists, produced and curated by members of MCS.

The series has already seen some pretty good releases by the likes of Gold Rush, Brick and Mortar, and MCS themselves. The Skies Revolt addition is definitely something to look forward to. Especially if their uniquely interactive “Choose Your Own Adventure” video is anything to go by. Fans get to choose how the band embark on an adventure to find their way out of the woods after their tour bus has broken down.

Check it out below:

[youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mefnDTTQ72I&feature=youtu.be’]

Making Moves Track Listing:
01. “For Your Health”
02. “Green Dress: In A Sense”
03. “Germaine Throws It Up”

Fall Tour Dates
September 6                        Reggie’s                                                            Chicago, IL
September 7                        Lemonjello’s                                                     Holland, MI
September 8                        West Side Inn                                                   Muskegon, MI
September 27                      The Black Sheep Cafe                                     Springfield, IL
September 29                      Indie Rock Invitational                                    Grand Haven, MI
October 19                           Take Hold Church                                            Grand Rapids, MI
October 20                           Mr. Roboto Project                                           Pittsburgh, PA
October 24                           Lit Lounge                                                          New York, NY
October 25                           Dock Street                                                        Staten Island, NY
October 28                           Deep South the Bar                                           Raleigh, NC
November 2                         Gallery 13                                                           Columbus, GA
November 7                         Plush                                                                    St. Louis, MO
November 8                         Hannibal-LaGrange University                        Hannibal, MO
November 14                       Bears                                                                   Shreveport, LA
November 15                       Head Hunters                                                     Austin, TX
November 16                       Ten Eleven                                                         San Antonio TX

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