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Your Skin Can Have It All with Pardon My Pretty

Your Skin Can Have It All with Pardon My Pretty

Everyone wants to look and feel good, but I think many people will also say they want to smell good too. One thing I have often disliked about many scented products is the artificial ingredients or strong, lingering odor even after it’s been on a while. Pardon My Pretty (PMP) has a range of products that not only make you smell good without overpowering your nostrils, but also do it with natural ingredients so it is good for your skin too.

Most people have learned to try to steer clear of sulfates, parabens, salt systems, harmful fragrances and colors — luckily Pardon My Pretty has as well. All of their product offerings contain natural ingredients that nurture your skin. From the super fruit blend (blueberry, cranberry, goji berry and acai berry) to the Arctic vitamins found in the water they use from the fresh Nordic Meshberry … your skin will delight in hydrating, anti-oxidant goodies.

pmp_backyardpicnic_lotionMy personal favorite is the Backyard Picnic line, complete with body scrub, body spray and lotion. It has an amazing, light green apple bouquet that brings your senses to life, but doesn’t overwhelm them. It smells clean and fresh — and pretty!  It’s a wonderful daily option that never seems to get old.

If you are looking for a richer scent that is more for special occasions or a night out, At the Candy Shop will definitely tickle your fancy with a sweet, uplifting fragrance that puts the S in sexy.

The PMP body scrub is great in the shower. It exfoliates the skin and leaves it nice and smooth. Follow that with the PMP body lotion of the same line and your skin drinks it up happily, leaving it supple, sleek and sweet.

I find the PMP body spray is great to have with you when you are out and about, whether you are at work or on the run. After you’ve been rolling through the day you may find yourself spritzing a little on yourself to liven up the day and put more pep in your step.

Pardon My Pretty has two other “flavors” to choose from:

  • Date Night, which is a romantic floral fantasy.
  • Out of the Shower, which brings that squeaky clean feeling with you wherever you go.

Another thing that’s great about Pardon My Pretty products is their life span. A little goes a long way. The product line isn’t too expensive either, ranging from $10-$16. Even I can afford that!

I am looking forward to trying out the other two lines once I am done with the ones I have now. You cannot get these in stores, so check out Project Beauty’s Pardon My Pretty section on their website to get more info or try them out for yourself.

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