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Star Trek Discovery Warps Back with Action-Packed Second Half of Season 1

Star Trek Discovery Warps Back with Action-Packed Second Half of Season 1
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Final Verdict

Star Trek Discovery is a bold new take on this ever-growing Trek saga that successfully takes viewers on a journey to new worlds with strong characters immersed in well-developed stories.

When Star Trek Discovery first came out I had my reservations. Having been a fan of all the various Star Trek movie timelines, and the many TV series over the years, I was uncertain whether I would like this new spin on things with so many different Star Trek shows already in the mix. I have to admit however, they have really won me over with Discovery. In fact, I dare say it is now one of my favorites.

Bridge Star Trek DiscoveryStar Trek Discovery tells the story of how the war with the Klingons began, and then it builds upon that premise and catapults watchers into various side stories that all further develop the overall story arch into a richer, encompassing world of wonder and excitement.

captainlorca-startrekdiscoveryThere are so many things to like about this new series, from the rich characters, to the solid writing, to the amazing CGI, sets and makeup. The writers and cast of Discovery have successfully brought Star Trek back onto the small screen for a new age, while still maintaining the “katra” of its founding storyline.

Sonequa Martin-Green does an outstanding job portraying the main character Michael Burnham. The writers wonderfully crafted her character to be the perfect lead, without making it too much about her. There are so many well-rounded characters to play with in this series, from the mysterious Captain Lorca (Jason Isaacs), to the underestimated Paul Stamets (Anthony Rapp).

Shazad Latif brings Ash Tyler to life with some pretty gut-wrenching scenes from when he was tortured on the Klingon ship, among other things. One has to wonder if his post traumatic issues are going to have a role in the upcoming second half of the first season.

vulcan-startrekdiscoveryAnother thing to look out for in the second half of the season is the continued transformation of Paul as his body further succumbs to more changes.

And of course there will be the war that continues, and plenty of battles… but initially, the second half of the season will open with the crew a little disoriented as they have seemingly jumped to a place, time … or perhaps parallel or pocket universe … that is unlike the time and space they are familiar with. It will be interesting to see them navigate out of that one.

The final half of Star Trek Discovery‘s season one will come alive once more this Sunday at 8:30 p.m. ET on CBS.

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