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  • 12 Strong Engages Our Demons From 9/11

    12 Strong Engages Our Demons From 9/110

    “Afghanistan is the graveyard of empires.” You will hear it said several times throughout 12 Strong: For over 2000 years invaders and conquerors throughout history have attempted to bring the mountainous country under a foreign flag. The Russians had been the latest power to attempt to fight there, and in the 1980’s that war quickly

  • “The Commuter” Mayhem on a Train

    “The Commuter” Mayhem on a Train0

    The year kicks off with its first major action thriller The Commuter and it’s a barn burner. Total action after an introduction to the plot, the film takes you on the ride of your life with surprises on every turn. If you like gripping films that work on your mind to try and figure out

  • “Mayhem” Creating A Better Workplace

    “Mayhem” Creating A Better Workplace0

    There are a lot of movies with stories that use a virus as the culprit, but Mayhem really takes the cake. A wild and wacky movie, now on DVD, Blu-ray and 4K, shows what people want and can do to others when knowing they can get away with it. Think the movie The Purge on