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  • “Disney’s Mickey Mouse Merry & Scary” Tricks and Treats

    “Disney’s Mickey Mouse Merry & Scary” Tricks and Treats0

    A fun DVD for kids arrives on September 26 just in time for October Trick or Treat season.  The two movie video disc features both an exciting bump in the night “pumpkiner” and a laugh filled Christmas delight with Disney’s Mickey Mouse Merry & Scary.  Both films are approximately 30 minutes each and deliver a

  • “Star Wars: Rebels” Season 3 on Blu-ray

    “Star Wars: Rebels” Season 3 on Blu-ray0

    Making its way to season 3 the TV animated teen hit Star Wars Rebels continues the fight against the Imperial Army. The series starts out with the 2 part movie that aired as an introduction to the new season.  It continues through the 22 episodes each about 30 minutes of uninterrupted sci-fi drama.  Although the

  • “Tangled: Before Ever After” a Fun Filled Film for Kids

    “Tangled: Before Ever After” a Fun Filled Film for Kids0

      Perfect for children Rapunzel returns to the home screen with “Tangled: Before Ever After”, a fun filled animated film. The animated feature has been rated TV-Y7 for a bit of bedazzling and bungling by the dastardly Lady Caine and her henchmen, but for the most part its fun for the younger set.

  • “Sing” it’s a Stitch!

    “Sing” it’s a Stitch!0

      Probably the most silly of animated films this year, and that’s good thing for  Sing. Enjoyable, very funny, touching and oh incredibly wacky the family film targets children, but the adults will enjoy it a lot more than the average toon. I’m surprised the filmmakers waited so long to put the film in theaters,

  • “Moana” a Princess with Courage and Determination

    “Moana” a Princess with Courage and Determination0

      Adding another princess to their gallery, the movie Moana comes to theaters and it’s perfect for kids and family. This feature takes place in the Pacific Islands with Fiji in mind and a young girl who wants to save her people from dying from lack of food. The adventure shows how courage, friendship and

  • “Peppa Pig Sun, Sea and Snow” a Fun Video for Kids

    “Peppa Pig Sun, Sea and Snow” a Fun Video for Kids0

      Just for kids Peppa Pig Sun, Sea and Snow takes them on a journey to places they will enjoy and want to talk about. It’s a very cool TV animated series with lovable animal characters and lots of adventure. A family friendly and educational video for youngsters, the episodes each point out values that