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  • “Molly’s Game” a Smart Bio of a Crafty Lady

    “Molly’s Game” a Smart Bio of a Crafty Lady0

    When you hear the genre biography most people think just another stuffy, lackluster film. Well, hold onto your seat because Molly’s Game gets compelling, openly poignant and powerful. The story has the usual buildup and Hollywood accoutrements, but the content is mostly true being based on the book by our subject Molly Bloom.

  • “I, Tonya” a Story of Love and Hate

    “I, Tonya” a Story of Love and Hate0

    Most everyone who has lived 1980’s through today has either heard of the figure skater Tonya Harding or maybe followed the antics she took to the Olympics in 1994. Or just google Tonya Harding and you’ll get the drift of what happened. But, how many of you know the “truth” according to her book “I,

  • “The Greatest Showman” A Rousing Biography of a Ringmaster

    “The Greatest Showman” A Rousing Biography of a Ringmaster0

    One man’s determination to rise from rags to riches helps find a place for the unwanted few. His strong desire to become someone special and with the ability to convince others to believe in his dream, P.T. Barnum creates history and the circus.

  • “Breathe” Delivers Touching Performances

    “Breathe” Delivers Touching Performances0

    The very dramatic and touching film Breathe delves into one of the most debilitating diseases of the past century bringing back memories of that awful time in history. Most of all however, it’s a biography of determination, inspiration and romance that should touch the hearts of fans of the genre.

  • “Tom of Finland” a Pencil for a Sword

    “Tom of Finland” a Pencil for a Sword0

    Those interested in the sexual revolution of males in the 1970’s, may want to check out the biographical film Tom of Finland. The famous graphic artist used his drawings to express his feelings for men and their enactment of physical contact. It may be a possibility for awards consideration and “pushes the envelope” with its

  • “American Made” a High Energy Expose

    “American Made” a High Energy Expose0

    Providing a wild and wicked romp around Central and South America the movie American Made tells a true story of spying, gun running, drug smuggling and money laundering. Set in the late 1970’s to early 1980’s the film uses true events, exposés and government scandals to reveal what one man could do with the help