Looking for a film that you gals can get together for a laugh, unwind and be yourselves?  Try Seducing Charlie Barker a sharp-witted movie involving a modern day romance on the rocks story with fine performances by a very good cast.


The film centers on Charlie (Stephen Barker Turner) a talented actor who finds he’s struggling in this minimal work market.  He lives with his wife Stella (Daphne Zuniga) who has established her career and supports him and his dream of becoming a big movie star.  Living the big life off his wife has taken a toll on Charlie however, and he feels down in the dumps. After a number of rejections at auditions he decides to kiss up to Nick (Steve Cell) a Director friend he resents because he has found the fame Charlie has always wanted.

Stephen Barker Turner as Charlie and Heather Gordon as Clea

At one of Nick’s posh parties Charlie meets Clea (Heather Gordon) a young promising star on the rise and becomes charmed by her.  Not wanting to cheat on his wife he urges his best friend Louis (David Wilson Barnes) to make a date with her. Completely down on himself one evening Charlie goes to Louis’s apartment to talk to him.  When he gets there he finds that Louis and Clea are together.  When Charlie sends Lewis out for a bottle of wine, Charlie does the unspeakable.


Even though the lead is a male, the film really sets up an entertainment bonanza for the ladies.  As Charlie digs his hole deeper and deeper, his sweet life turns sour when the girls turn the table.  Its guy has it all, girl offers him her apple, guy tastes the heavenly flavor of the fruit and gets thrown out of the Garden of Eden.


The acting here really makes the script work, especially Daphne Zuniga and Heather Gordon who put on some delicious performances.  Gordon does a “Woman in Red” interpretation while taking Charlie for the ride of his life and Zuniga shows her vengeance in ways that make retribution a nice word.


The direction by Amy Glazer is right on point showing Charlie spiraling down to an abyss with no return.  She does a very good job of fleshing out the characters before setting her stage for her actors to deliver a memorable seduction. Glazer does a lot on her low budget, enough to make her film good enough to ‘run with the bulls’.


Seducing Charlie Barker has been rated R for sexual content, and language throughout.



FINAL ANALYSIS: A chick flick that a guy should watch and learn. (B)

SOMETHING BORROWED, Romance for the Chicks

This romance good girl bad girl story works well in Something Borrowed, but only a ‘chick’ would care.  Like all chick flick films I review however, leaning toward how much fun it would be for the ladies adds up in my final grade.  If you like your comedy with a lot of sugar and spice, then ladies this film should be desert for you.


The movie centers on Rachel (Ginnifer Goodwin) an attorney in a great firm in New York.  She got there with the help of her college buddy Dex (Colin Egglesfield) who kept her focused on the job.  One huge problem, just when Rachel planned to tell Dex that she had fallen for him, BFF Darcy (Kate Hudson) changed Rachel’s love life forever.  When announcements go out that Dex and Darcy are getting married, Rachel starts to get ideas that may reverse her downward love spiral.

John Krasinski, Ginnifer Goodwin, Kate Hudson and Colin Egglesfield

The intentionally complicated love story has a lot of cute stuff going for it, but three quarters of the way through however director Luke Greenfield (The Girl Next Door) decides the movie needs some unpredictability.  Here is takes a 180-degree turn and complicates his movie in a bad way, for me anyway.  His characters not only change their minds, but their personalities unlocking secrets that seem obvious to me were put there to make the film more challenging.


Goodwin has excellent chemistry with both John Krasinski and Egglesfield, so much so that you can feel the love coming off the screen.  Actually, acting by the whole cast is decent and enjoyable, especially Kate Hudson as Darcy the beautiful girl who has the world on a string.  Hudson knows how to play this part and she gives it her all making the movie a fun watch.  In addition to Hudson, the zany performance by Ashley Williams, as Claire a friend of Darcy, keeps the film comical in a big way.


Something Borrowed is rated PG-13 for sexual content including dialogue, and some drug material.


FINAL ANALYSIS: A chick flick with some slick comedy. (C+)