Holland Taylor on acting, favorite roles, auditions and “Kepler’s Dream”

Best known as Professor Stromwell in “Legally Blonde,” Bunny in “The Wedding Date,” and Evelyn Harper in “Two and a Half Men,” Philadelphia born Holland Taylor attended Quaker schools, then majored in drama at Bennington College. After fifteen years of “disappointments and near misses” in New York and California, Holland was cast as Ruth Dunbar in the 1980s sitcom “Bosom Buddies” with Tom Hanks. It was Holland’s breakout role and it led to many TV and film offers, including her role as Kathleen Turner’s book publisher in “Romancing the Stone” and her Emmy winning performance as Judge Roberta Kittleson in “The Practice.” Read more

“20th Century Women” an Oscar Contender


The coming of age movie 20th Century Women takes a look at life askew in the late 70’s for a single mother of a teenage boy. Nicely written the film features very good performances directed by a filmmaker that has lived the age of the boy during the time period. Unsuccessful for two Golden Globes, it’s now in the hands of those who may make 20th Century Women an Oscar winner. Read more

Lost in the Sun, Growing Up on a Wild Road Trip



A different kind of road trip, Lost in the Sun takes a ride cross country with very good acting performances by Josh Duhamel and Josh Wiggins. Under the able direction of Trey Nelson the two fine actors make the simple theme work. And melding Nelson’s coming of age story with a twist that you may realize early on, makes the impromptu trip an intriguing action drama. Read more

“Angels in Stardust” A Teen Angst Drama

Angels In Stardust BOXART


Delivering fine acting performances, AJ Michalka and Alicia Silverstone save Angels in Stardust, now on DVD.  The coming of age story has a weak foundation and far too many imaginary sequences to make it worthy, but the determination of the two stars help to keep it around par.  Direction and camera work could have been better, but the low budget indie still entertains.  It does fit into the family genre, but it’s more of a coming of age drama with an overload of sexual inferences. Read more

For a Change of Pace Choose “The Way, Way Back”



With a lot of heart and creative storytelling The Way, Way Back has made its way into movie theaters giving summer a break from action attraction films.  The nicely acted, directed and produced coming of age film gets high marks for compassion, laughter and regret.  If you are tired of the shooting, smashing, crushing, pulverizing, attacking, dismemberment and aggressive films that have crowded box-offices this summer, take in this charming indie for a nice change of pace. Read more

The Matchmaker, Charming and Sincere

A sincere coming of age film with a lot of a unusual romance comes to the screen, it’s called The Matchmaker and features fine acting and direction.  The movie gives a heartwarming look into lives that were aching from the past atrocities of war that muddled their futures.  If you like films that delve into a slice of life that’s continuously a hardship, it’s time you met The Matchmaker. Read more