“Trafficked” Exposing the Prurient Playground

The disturbing and eye opening film Trafficked opens this weekend in parts of the America. Dipping into stories by real people caught up in the world of kidnapping for prostitution, this film, although a fictional account, lays it all out for those to see. The film is inspired by real characters from the award winning book ‘Sex Trafficking’ by Harvard Professor Siddharth Kara. Read more

“Devil’s Knot” a Tantalizing Crime Thriller

DEVILS box art


Compelling and disturbing the film Devil’s Knot involving a slaying comes to Blu-ray and DVD in a combo pack.  The chiller takes you on the fast track in a case involving a crime so heinous that you would think not possible.  Based on a true event, the film opens the door to questions without finality. Nicely directed and acted it will turn your head and heighten your fears about the safety of our children. Read more