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  • “The Millionaires’ Unit” a Visionary Squad

    “The Millionaires’ Unit” a Visionary Squad0

    There are many different kinds of documentaries, ones that feature a biography of someone or group, others that cover historical events like wars, the opening of king Tuts tomb for example, and hundreds of topics. The documentary The Millionaires’ Unit takes you back to a forgotten hero group that helped America during World War I.

  • “Kangaroo: A Love-Hate Story” Has a Disturbing Message

    “Kangaroo: A Love-Hate Story” Has a Disturbing Message0

    There have been several films and TV shows on the mass killings of animals for either sport, business or as a food source. In 2009 the movie The Cove was the center of an emotional outcry involving the killing of dolphins in Japan. The film won an Oscar for Best Documentary Feature. More so however,

  • “The Lost Key” Lessons in Intimacy, Released for Home Video

    “The Lost Key” Lessons in Intimacy, Released for Home Video0

    One of the most definitive and meaningful tell all’s involving the Jewish faith, The Lost Key reveals the teachings of the Kabbalah. Through the search of one man, Ricardo Adler, we find how he rose from a failed marriage to find meaning and understanding of marriage and sexuality. The film takes a microscopic view of sex

  • “Uncle Gloria” An Elderly Transformation

    “Uncle Gloria” An Elderly Transformation2

    Why would a man in his 60’s decide to change into a woman? That’s the question the documentary Uncle Gloria: One Helliuva Ride tries to answer. Set in Florida the movie follows Butch from a tough guy who runs an auto salvage business to a darling who just wants to be free from all that

  • “Aida’s Secrets” a Surprising Reunion

    “Aida’s Secrets” a Surprising Reunion0

    Heartwarming and heartfelt, the documentary Aida’s Secrets reveals how two brothers find their family many years after the WWII holocaust. It’s not a rehash of one of the most diabolical events in history, but a reuniting of family members. The film holds some endearing moments and a mystery of surprises.

  • “RAT FILM” Fishing for a Solution

    “RAT FILM” Fishing for a Solution0

    There’s many ways of telling a story and one of the best is the documentary where facts are provided and you become the judge of the content. This is the case of Rat Film a fact based film on the rat population in Baltimore, Maryland and the correlation between over population, lack of adequate housing,