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  • Miss You Already, a Comedy with Tears

    Miss You Already, a Comedy with Tears0

      Ladies are the target audience for the film Miss You Already a tearjerker laced with comedy starring Drew Barrymore and Toni Collette. Just coming off Breast Cancer Awareness month in October, the film exemplifies the devastating effects of the disease and those that are brave enough to face it. The performances by the whole cast

  • Steve Jobs, Performance is Spellbinding

    Steve Jobs, Performance is Spellbinding0

        One of the best actors in the business today Michael Fassbender will have you spellbound as he brings one of the most difficult characters to the screen, Steve Jobs. You can feel the penetrating persistence in his delivery of the massive dialogue that’s contained in the script by Alan Sorkin (The Social Network).

  • Bridge of Spies, Swapping Lives

    Bridge of Spies, Swapping Lives0

        Probably the most intriguing film in sometime, Bridge of Spies takes on the Cold War with Russia in this compelling true story. Well casted with Tom Hanks in the starring role, written by the ubiquitous Cohen Brothers who gave us No Country for Old Men, and directed by three time Oscar winner Steven

  • Run Boy Run, a Film of Courage

    Run Boy Run, a Film of Courage0

      Opening in theaters this weekend is the daring and courageous true story of a young boy who out foxed the Germans during WWII Poland for four years. The film digs deep into the heart of the young man who wouldn’t give up even in the face of death. If you see one foreign film

  • Blunt Force Trauma, Dueling for Dollars

    Blunt Force Trauma, Dueling for Dollars0

      A different take on the honor of dueling the film Blunt Force Trauma comes to home video. The fictional action drama puts the audience inside the “sport” for money pitting the best fast draw artists up against each other for pride and glory. Very good acting, direction and cinematography make the story exciting, compelling

  • Return to Sender, a Compelling Thriller

    Return to Sender, a Compelling Thriller0

        The taut thriller, Return to Sender spins a wicked tale of rape, revenge and redemption. Very good acting, direction and cinematography, the movie raises tension levels with each chapter. If you like your drama suspenseful and compelling then this film should keep you on the edge of your seat. The edgy Return to Sender