“In Search of Israeli Cuisine” If Food Could Speak


At first I thought I was getting in over my head when I agreed to reviewing In Search of Israeli Cuisine as I know very little about their food. Having grown up Italian, give me a film on Italian food and I’m right there. However, I found this film not just about food, but about the State of Israel, its nation and its people. Delighted with the movie I could not stop watching it till the final frame, it’s an eye opener.  Read more

Burnt, a Scrumptious Film for the Ladies



Food, romance, comedy, drama and a pinch of pepper the film Burnt has arrived on Blu-ray/DVD and ladies, find a copy and pop it into your player. A lot of good acting makes the story more palatable than it should have been since its pure Hollywood. Not of love story for the ages, the film’s more of a quest for an ultimate ego rush that works its way into the story early on. That said, there’s a lot of eye candy and food prep for the women along with enough matinee side stories that fulfil a couple of entertaining hours. Read more

Deli Man, Scrumptious for Lunch and a Movie

DELI MAN poster


Hazel, we’re having Deli tonight. After seeing the documentary Deli Man I felt like I could run out and get one of the most sought after sandwiches in America, the Jewish Pastrami on rye with mustard. Umm why ‘sought after?’ Because where there were once thousands of delicatessens in New York City alone, we are down to only 150 left in the United States. And, there’s not one real New York style deli within 50 miles of where I live. Read more

“Le Chef” Deliciously Delightful

LECHEF poster art


Nicely written, directed and acted, the movie Le Chef conjures up visions of such films as Ratatouille and the creative Julie & Julia. The very quick witted movie takes food preparation to another level.  While other films have tried and failed, this little indie had me glued to the screen with every scene.  If you enjoy films that create a number of situations that culminate in a wacky finale, then this cute production is perfect for your dinner and a movie night. Read more