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  • “1945” Walking a Road to Retribution

    “1945” Walking a Road to Retribution0

    Having reviewed a large number of films with the subject of WWII and the persecution of the Jews, I’m familiar with the holocaust, but not the subject matter that deals with this one about the aftermath in the country of Hungary. In the film “1945” the story takes you to a small town where some

  • “Have a Nice Day” What Price Beauty

    “Have a Nice Day” What Price Beauty0

    If you have an opportunity to see Have a Nice Day, a Chinese animated movie now being released in the United States, take it. The dark comedy has a creative storyline with a lot of energy and suspense. Opening in New York City on Friday, check your local listings as it starts its run in

  • “In the Fade” Revenge Takes a Detour

    “In the Fade” Revenge Takes a Detour0

    Mind boggling, the film In the Fade takes you on a path to revenge that doesn’t let up till the final minute of the movie. With a stellar performance by Diane Kruger and fine direction by Fatih Akin the film stands out as one of the best foreign films of 2018. If you like compelling

  • “Daguerrotype” an Intriguing Film Noir

    “Daguerrotype” an Intriguing Film Noir0

    An odd film noir, but one that’s steeped in romance, mystery and fantasy, Daguerrotype tantalizes and bewitches as it plays out gradually to an astonishing reveal. The film, originally named “Le Secret De La Chambre Noir”, was released in Japan and France before opening this week on VOD on nearly all major platforms. If you

  • “Aida’s Secrets” a Surprising Reunion

    “Aida’s Secrets” a Surprising Reunion0

    Heartwarming and heartfelt, the documentary Aida’s Secrets reveals how two brothers find their family many years after the WWII holocaust. It’s not a rehash of one of the most diabolical events in history, but a reuniting of family members. The film holds some endearing moments and a mystery of surprises.

  • “PAST LIFE” the Aftermath of Hell

    “PAST LIFE” the Aftermath of Hell0

    Intriguing and Compelling the movie Past Life adds another true event story to the long list of films on the Holocaust. This one is based one of the survivors of the never to forget heinous act of genocide during World War II by Nazi Germany. The drama has a different twist that involves a family