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  • “Daguerrotype” an Intriguing Film Noir

    “Daguerrotype” an Intriguing Film Noir0

    An odd film noir, but one that’s steeped in romance, mystery and fantasy, Daguerrotype tantalizes and bewitches as it plays out gradually to an astonishing reveal. The film, originally named “Le Secret De La Chambre Noir”, was released in Japan and France before opening this week on VOD on nearly all major platforms. If you

  • “Lost In Paris” a Gem with Sparks and Sparkles

    “Lost In Paris” a Gem with Sparks and Sparkles0

    In a very funny display of French comedy, the movie Lost in Paris shines with a delightful story of unavoidable romance. The film is drenched in Marcel Marceau’s mime comedy, Jerry Lewis’s wit and a bit of Charlie Chaplin collectively performed by a delightful cast.

  • “Fanny’s Journey” an Amazing Escape to Freedom

    “Fanny’s Journey” an Amazing Escape to Freedom0

      The courageous and compelling true story Fanny’s Journey (le Voyage de Fanny) takes you on a journey during WWII that grabs its audience early on and doesn’t let go until the credits role. It’s as much inspiring as it is dauntless, featuring a fine cast of youngsters that should touch your heart and remind

  • “Once in a Lifetime” a Challenging Assignment

    “Once in a Lifetime” a Challenging Assignment0

      The true story Once in a Lifetime offers a sincere look into the lives of a classroom of teens who get to tackle one of the most challenging assignments of their life. The opening scene however, shows a discord between a Muslim student and a faculty member regarding the wearing of a hijab (Muslim

  • Marguerite, a Gorgeous Film with Heart

    Marguerite, a Gorgeous Film with Heart0

      There’s a very good film opening this weekend and it’s pretentious in a very loving way. Partly based on a true story, Marguerite takes you to a time when Paris was in flower and Barons ruled provincial areas of France. And it’s drenched in the opulence of the rich and ravenous with the shysters

  • Gemma Bovery, Fatally Romantic

    Gemma Bovery, Fatally Romantic0

    Looking for a very cool romantic comedy for a night out, then look no further. Gemma Bovery opens today in select theaters and has a very good plot that will keep you intrigued, romantically tangled and completely entertained. At first I thought “Madame Bovary” the novel by Gustave Flaubert, a steamy sexually charged book that