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  • “The Limehouse Golem” a Twisted Tale of Murder

    “The Limehouse Golem” a Twisted Tale of Murder0

    If you missed it in theaters one of the better mystery thrillers, The Limehouse Golem, has arrived on Blu-ray/DVD. It’s a twisted tale of murder and mayhem that you won’t want to miss. It plays out like a Sherlock Holmes whodunit with twists and turns that keep you on your toes. Let the guessing game

  • “The Evil In Us” Horror in the Woods

    “The Evil In Us” Horror in the Woods0

    October the Halloween month isn’t too far off so a number of Horror flicks have surfaced to pique the interest of fans of the genre. The most recent The Evil In Us comes available on DVD today, but unless you are someone who has just entered the arena of movie terror this one will be

  • “Havenhurst” a Twisted Tale of Evil

    “Havenhurst” a Twisted Tale of Evil0

      Turing out the very edgy and scary flick Havenhurst, director and writer Andrew C. Erin’s film should delight fans of the horror genre. Nicely written, expertly filmed and edited, there’s shock and fear coming at you when you least expect it. The story even has a message that there’s consequences for wrong decisions, abuse

  • “The Handmaiden” A Spicy Mystery with a Tryst

    “The Handmaiden” A Spicy Mystery with a Tryst0

      Spicy and exciting the film The Handmaiden enters select theaters this weekend and for adults it’s a powerful mystery drama with romantic overtones. The fine direction, acting, story and cinematography make the film pleasurable. It’s for those who like a titillating movie experience tied in with a sordid plot that takes some unexpected twists.

  • “Clown” Chilling to the Bone

    “Clown” Chilling to the Bone0

      One of the most scary, edgy and terror filled movies I’ve seen this year Clown has been released on DVD and Blu-ray. Most everyone has at least had trepidation about clowns since the sicko thriller TV Mini Series Stephen King’s “It”. The production created many nightmares and probably got a lot of kids parties

  • “The Legend of Tarzan”, a Tall Tale of a Jungle Icon

    “The Legend of Tarzan”, a Tall Tale of a Jungle Icon0

      With a hefty $180 million dollar budget the film The Legend of Tarzan makes its bow this weekend looking for the PG-13 crowd to swing into action and make it a box office winner. The production used every bit of the budget with an adventure that takes you on a roller coaster ride; just