“Ash vs Evil Dead” a Bloody Good Horror Feast

Weird, corny, silly, ridiculous, disgusting and nearly vomit inducing, all the things you will like about Ash vs Evil Dead 2.  It’s the kind of horror and bloody mayhem that when presented with tongue-in-cheek comedy can be very amusing. It’s for those who have become fans of the Starz TV Network program or just need a break from the ordinary.  Although I am a fan of Army of Darkness, it was my first time seeing this spin off off of The Evil Dead Trilogy.  This is the second season of Ash vs Evil Dead and is now on Blu-ray/DVD. Read more

“Walking with the Enemy” Out Foxing the Nazis


Inspirational and intriguing the film Walking with the Enemy has been released on DVD and Digital HD. The movie was inspired by a true story that took place in Hungary nearing the end of WWII about a man who could not stand by and watch the Nazis kill his countrymen. This very compelling and very realistic war drama should not be missed for it historical value and tragic content. To those personally affected it’s a memory to a heart breaking time that should never be forgotten or repeated. Read more

The Equalizer, Denzel is Bold and Brutal



Returning to the screen with a very pervasive performance, Denzel Washington stars as a vigilante marauder in The Equalizer.  Providing a character with high intensity the movie conjures up memories of the violence in Safe House, Man on Fire and Training Day, three of Washington’s most fierce portrayals. There’s not much comedy to lighten the load in this thriller, but those who like it fast and brutal are sure to get an adrenaline rush. Read more

Found, a Horror Flick for the Macabre

FOUND box art

With just a week to go before we enter the month of horror, here comes the release of Found on DVD. It’s a diabolical film that will make you cringe.  Not for the faint of heart, the movie takes you on a dark ride into evil. Nicely acted and directed, the film is a macabre start-up to the season of goblins and ghouls.

Being a good student at his local elementary school, Marty (Gavin Brown) finds the going rough with fellow classmates.  No one has been helpful in stopping his being bullied at school, his parents are not being cooperative of his needs and he’s about to find a terrible secret that will make matters even worse. Marty has a major flaw – he’s a snoop going through the family’s private papers and items. Read more