Holland Taylor on acting, favorite roles, auditions and “Kepler’s Dream”

Best known as Professor Stromwell in “Legally Blonde,” Bunny in “The Wedding Date,” and Evelyn Harper in “Two and a Half Men,” Philadelphia born Holland Taylor attended Quaker schools, then majored in drama at Bennington College. After fifteen years of “disappointments and near misses” in New York and California, Holland was cast as Ruth Dunbar in the 1980s sitcom “Bosom Buddies” with Tom Hanks. It was Holland’s breakout role and it led to many TV and film offers, including her role as Kathleen Turner’s book publisher in “Romancing the Stone” and her Emmy winning performance as Judge Roberta Kittleson in “The Practice.” Read more

Stars align to solve a mystery in “Kepler’s Dream”

“Is there Wi-Fi here?” asked 11-year old Ella. “Over my dead body,” replied grandmother Violet in a straight-laced tone that pretty much sums up a budding summer relationship in “Kepler’s Dream.”

Like most films in this genre, “Kepler’s Dream” is lyrically cadenced to a slower, measured pace. Based on the acclaimed novel by Juliet Bell and helmed by Amy Glazer, the heartfelt drama unites paternal neglect, motherly love, and a bit of Nancy Drew sleuthing. The feel-good family film caters unapologetically to the young and young at heart. Read more