Before I Go to Sleep, a Tantalizing Mystery Thriller



Keeping it weird for Halloween, the movie Before I Go to Sleep opens in theaters on October 31.  The movie stars Nicole Kidman and Colin Firth in a very off beat story about a woman who’s an amnesiac, someone who has memory loss as a result of shock or a traumatic injury. If you like films that tantalize get very suspenseful and shocking with the flavor of an Alfred Hitchcock thriller, make your Hallows Eve this movie mystery. Read more

Begin Again, an Unlikely Story

BEGIN boxart


Likable actors try to save this drama, but the story gets a little lame, quickly predictable and lacks real empathy for the characters. However, for the musical soundtrack and those utterly idealistic fans of both Keira Knightly and Mark Ruffalo, it’s perfect. Targeted at mostly women, Begin Again is now on DVD/Blu-ray with a couple of good bonus features. Read more

Fury, Hell in a War Zone

FURY poster


Showing the violence, guts and destruction of WWII tank fighting, Fury punctuates the story with an explosive tale of death defying courage. Although fictional, the movie is based on the 2nd US Armored division and portrays extensive grisly combat using very realistic images. Explosive, gripping and pervasive the up close look is shattering and mind boggling. If you like war movies like Saving Private Ryan and Hamburger Hill, rush out to see this mind blowing war flick on the big screen. Read more

Devil Incarnate, a Devilish Honeymoon



Sometimes what looks like a class project, The Devil Incarnate should have been a class project.  This very low budget horror flick looses it’s scary early on, wanders a bit and gets highly predictable.  Now on DVD, you really have to be a diehard terror fan to get a charge out of this movie.

The film opens with the story of a 1500’s rape of a woman who accepts a witch’s amulet curse to summon a daemon that will destroy her attackers in exchange for her baby. She goes back on her promise to the daemon and gets cursed with infertility. She raises the baby and he inherits the amulet and the story behind it.  Flash forward to modern day and we find a young woman in a room being questioned by police. She tells the following story. Read more

“Aftermath” a Nuclear Horror Flick



Latching on to the premise that what if the USA were to be attacked by a Middle Eastern country that uses atomic bombs, the film Aftermath has come to Blu-ray/DVD.  The story begins with a realistic premise and then turns the result into survival mode when a Texas town faces the unbelievable event.  If you like action films that tell a morbid future, then this film should fit right into your home library. Read more

“Jesse” a Gutsy Crime Film

Jesse BOXART 1


Working with a tough stunt woman and WWE wrestler for his lead, writer and director Fred Carpenter delivers a hardnosed crime film called Jesse to home video.  The storyline may be a little hackneyed and bruised from overuse, but the performances by two central characters are well played.  If you are into crime films that involve mafia type characters that get very rough and violent, then you’ll win with this gutsy film now on DVD.   Read more

“Amber Alert” a Much Needed Awareness Tool



Originally released 2008 the film Amber Alert: Terror on the Highway comes to DVD for the first time.  The fast paced thriller uses the immediacy of the emergency alert system designed to find a child abductor before he can do extreme harm. The awareness system was named after Amber Hagerman, a 9-year-old who was abducted and murdered in Texas in 1996. Using all media to put out the alert, the general public becomes the eyes of the police in a widespread area.

While the success rate has been significant, not all abductions have been thwarted and the perpetrators found. This is a fictional tale of one such abduction of two girls, one of whom is under the age of 18.   Read more

“Lullaby” an Emotionally Driven Drama

Lullaby 2D BOXART


Now on DVD the movie Lullaby has a big name cast that’s enticing, but first time Director Andrew Levitas fails to deliver a good script beyond the first act. Emotionally driven the drama tugs a few times too many at the heartstrings creating more of a maudlin film that dampens the entertainment value. A disappointment for me as the initial first chapter looked like it was heading for a big hit. Read more

“A Wolf at the Door” A Traumatic Nail-Biter

WOLFatDOOR poster


Probably one of the best foreign films I’ve seen thus far this year, A Wolf at the Door tells a wicked story that boggles the mind and carries a nasty punch.  Delivering excellent performances all around, writer/director Fernando Coimbra puts his film at the level of City of God.  Working with a true incident so horrific it’s inconceivable, yet he’s able to attract the curiosity within us to its gut wrenching ending. Read more

“All Cheerleaders Die” A Comedy of Horrors



Making a comedy into a horror flick that features five hot teen seniors and some cool football dudes isn’t a walk in the park for any director, but Chris Sivertson and Lucky McKee pull it off with their newest flick All Cheerleaders Die. Now on Blu-ray/DVD for your very own personal use, this thriller’s ripe for a guys or gals get-together.  If you are a fright fiend and get your kicks from a guts and gore fest, then run out and get a copy of this tongue in cheek chiller of a killer. Read more

“The Human Race” a Dash From Death



Brutal and savage, the film The Human Race enters the video market with its release on DVD.  The evil little shock flick is perfect for horror and thrill seekers who like a large dose of chills.  The well-acted and directed movie may have some faults, but the action made me cringe from time to time right up to its twisted ending. It’s a one of a kind kick-butt tale that delivers a punch. Read more

“Sex Tape” a Wild Romp of Love Making

SEXTAPE Poster 1


It’s a wild romp of love making in the newest hard R film Sex Tape.  The funny little comedy shows what can happen when you find yourself loosing track of a personal filming of a bedroom escapade.  Strictly for adults, the voyeuristic adventure is nicely directed and acted. If you do not blush easily, are not insulted by repeated offensive language, would like to get some pointers (now I just said that for effect) then grab your partner, girlfriends or a sex therapist and see Sex Tape. Read more

“Whitey” a Criminal Gets his Day in Court

WHITEY poster


Taken from over a decade of headlines, the taut documentary “Whitey:United States of America v. James J. Bulger” puts one of America’s most wanted men and the FBI under the microscope.  The film delves into one of Boston’s most iconic murderers and extortionists that held the city in terror.  Not since the Boston strangler in the 1970’s has a man been most feared.  This hard line news event puts the audience in judgment of the crimes and those who protected the criminal. Read more

“Tammy” A Wacky Road Trip

TAMMY Poster1


Totally askew the new comedy with and written by Melissa McCarthy and directed by her husband Ben Falcone plays out more like a YouTube video than a major motion picture.  Called Tammy, the film puts together a number of McCarthy sight gags that fall flat, very unlike The Heat in which she shines.  Maybe her shtick requires some tweaking or she needs to stay away from writing her own script, as both endeavors failed here. Lacing the film with a bevy of familiar faces is the first clue that this movie’s on a dubious path with no light at the end of the tunnel. Using her past success to fuel interest in Tammy may get her a haul at the box-office, but her fans will suffer in the end. It’s a NO for me. Read more