“Jersey Boys” A Rocking Good Drama



Creating a blast from the past, Clint Eastwood delivers Jersey Boys the rocking musical that took Broadway by storm.  Creating more of a drama than a song fest, the movie takes the audience from the Four Seasons chaotic beginning to stardom.  Using the lead actor from the original Broadway cast the movie emulates more than what most everyone has been eagerly awaiting. Read more

The Fun Continues with “22 Jump Street”

JUMP poster 1


Taking step two, the sequel 22 Jump Street sends the boys to college.  The hilarious comedy extends the life of the series by one and puts Jump Street on a road to a possible franchise.  Sit through to the end just as the credits roll for some very funny poster takes on possible new chapters in the lives of Schmidt and Jenko.  If 22 Jump Street’s box-office tops their first release, then it would only seem right to give us a shot at 23 Jump Street. Read more

“Chef” You’ll Taste the Food on the Screen

Review by Alyn Darnay


I love to cook and I’m actually quite good at it. Most of my friends love to cook as well. Some are incredibly gifted chefs. You could call it a grand passion, because if you’re doing it right, brilliantly that is, your sole concentration is on the dish you’re creating. Yes, I said creating, it’s a most creative endeavor taking various ingredients and blending them to make a new and delectable taste treat. It’s rather like making a movie, blending the right elements to create a treat for the palette and soul of the viewer. Read more

“Way of the Wicked” a Supernatural Thriller



Taut, dramatic, suspenseful with a devilish twist Way of the Wicked comes to DVD and Blu-ray.  The nicely acted indie has a compelling story that although familiar at times, still makes a mark of its own.  Running the gamut of evil versus good the fine direction holds you spellbound to the final twisted finale.  If you like your horror of a supernatural kind, then this film should entertain. Read more

“Lewis Black: Old Yeller” a Hilarious Rant Session



One of the funniest comics in the business today, Lewis Black has released Lewis Black: Old Yeller (Live at the Borgata in Atlantic City) one of his better routines on DVD. The high profile funny guy takes you into the life of an oldster and lets you know what a good segment of the population is thinking about our life and times. He presents it all in tongue-in-cheek fashion, but there’s a lot in what he has to say.  He’s on both sides of the fence when it comes to politics, but he’s down and dirty with many other topics.  You don’t have to be over 50 to enjoy this very funny banter, but it helps. Read more

“Holliston” Wacky and Weird

HOLLISTON boxart 1


Like all cable series it takes getting used to, and Holliston is certainly no exception. Having said this however, I found the second season 10 episode series now on Blu-ray/DVD to be very likable, grotesquely funny, wacky and even good-humored.  The uplifting cast puts on a good show keeping their characters continuously illogical and hip with stories that remind me of many sitcoms, including “The Big Bang Theory” (but sexier). Read more

I Am ZoZo a Slick Horror Flick Now on DVD

i zozo box art


Keeping away from the Halloween onslaught of horror films the indie I Am ZoZo releases on DVD in the midst of the pre-Holiday season.  A chancy shot at getting the left over from a hot expansive release period may have been a mistake, but in the terror genre there’s always an audience no matter what time of the year.  Claimed to be based on real experiences, the film presents no evidence of the actual events that happen in this film. Read more

The Horror Begins, Bloody Homecoming

BLOODY boxart


You can tell we are getting close to Halloween season with the release of some very gruesome DVD’s including Bloody Homecoming.  A typical film for the horror genre, this quick story has all the elements common to films like Carrie, Prom Night and other popular flicks that elicit chills from the anticipation of guessing who’s next to die and how.  Read more