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  • “The Mountain Between Us” a Slippery Slope

    “The Mountain Between Us” a Slippery Slope0

    Sometimes it’s very hard to get it right, especially if you are filming under excruciating circumstances. That seems to be the fate of The Mountain Between Us a survival film that depends on getting the right shot and mood in order to create a chemistry between two opposites. The movie starts with a trite beginning,

  • “Phoenix Forgotten” a UFO Sighting Revisited

    “Phoenix Forgotten” a UFO Sighting Revisited0

    A fictional recall of the incident in Phoenix Arizona whereby a sighting of a UFO turned the city upside-down with fear on March 13, 1997 has been targeted for yet another movie.  Now on DVD, Phoenix Forgotten is a pretentious tale of three lost teens who went hunting for the interplanetary vessel that may have

  • Walt Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast”, an Instant Live Action Classic

    Walt Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast”, an Instant Live Action Classic0

        Review by John M. Delia, Jr. Can Beauty tame the Beast once more? This beautiful fairy tale of Walt Disney’s Beauty and the Beast has now been turned into a live action motion picture that delivers a more detailed story. What once was animation that provided the story of romance and power, with