Kate Nowlin on Warriors Coming Home in “Blood Stripe”

As a Marine sergeant returning home after her third tour in Afghanistan, Kate Nowlin delivers a virtuoso performance in “Blood Stripe.” Unable to sleep, wracked by paranoia and anxiety, Nowlin’s Sergeant reveals the ongoing struggle many veterans face adjusting to civilian life after serving in combat overseas. Shot on a shoestring budget in just 16 days, “Blood Stripe” has already garnered a long list of critically important awards. Read more

Blood Stripe: a Warrior Battles Coming Home


Helmed and co-written by Remy Auberjonois, Blood Stripe adroitly addresses the long-neglected topic of returning female combat vets. In the lead is co-writer Kate Nowlin, whose virtuoso performance zeroes in on the internal tumult a Marine Sergeant wrestles with after serving three tours in Afghanistan. Uncovering the scab of PTSD isn’t new, but the poignancy, confusion and pain so skillfully portrayed by Nowlin offer a rare glimpse into what our warriors face as they return home. Read more