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  • “Good Time” a Hypnotic Adrenaline Rush

    “Good Time” a Hypnotic Adrenaline Rush0

    A powerful, captivating, thrilling, jaw dropper, the exciting film Good Time showcases a fine performance by Robert Pattinson and a creative script by Roland Bronstein and Josh Safdie. The crime story works its way into your head as Patterson’s protagonist finds himself caught up in a paradox created by wrong decisions. Decisions that will decide

  • “Girls Trip” The Posse Rocks the House with Slapstick Comedy

    “Girls Trip” The Posse Rocks the House with Slapstick Comedy0

    Do you remember the closeness you had with your friends back when you were young? Things were simple back then, but then you got older and things changed. This story is about four good friends from high school who get together to have a long weekend trip in New Orleans to have some fun and

  • The Danish Girl, a Controversial Love Story

    The Danish Girl, a Controversial Love Story0

      Out of the ordinary, the true life biography of Lili Elbe The Danish Girl opens this weekend. The drama features excellent performances by Eddie Redmayne and Alicia Vikander so look for an Oscar nomination for either or both. The film delves into one of the most talked about life choices of our time involving

  • The Big Short, Buying Up America

    The Big Short, Buying Up America0

      Excellent acting by the ensemble cast The Big Short takes you into the world of creative finance and how millions of people lost their homes while a select few made billions. Unfortunately it’s a true story with a ‘”little” Hollywood embellishment, but still a must see. Get ready for the down and dirty business

  • The New Girlfriend, Titillating and Provocative

    The New Girlfriend, Titillating and Provocative0

      Captivating and compelling the film The New Girlfriend opens this weekend at select theaters around the nation. Filled with surprises that reveal an alternate lifestyle the movie can be as much challenging as it is acceptable reality. Although it may be a bit cliched and predictable, it still entertains with a story that’s both

  • Beyond the Reach, a Sizzling Thriller

    Beyond the Reach, a Sizzling Thriller0

      Suspenseful and often chilling the movie Beyond the Reach showcases Michael Douglas in a role that engages his signature performance. His cold and calculating character here may offer a few scenes of déjà vu for some, but it’s an acting treat you won’t want to miss. Together with up and coming actor Jeremy Irvine