“CARS 3” Gets the Checkered Flag

Charging down the track Disney PIXAR’s first entry into theaters for 2017 Cars 3 crosses the finish line a winner for kids and families. As usual PIXAR goes straight for the heart and delivers an uplifting tale of friendship, determination and good values with which the children can aspire. To set everyone up for the movie, a cartoon about a troubled youth should bring a heartwarming glow from LOU. Read more

“Bambi” Turns 75 with Special Blu-ray + Digital HD

By now everyone probably knows the story of Bambi, especially mothers who have either read it to their child, showed the video to them on a number of media including VHS, DVD and Blu-ray and may have even saw the film on the big screen when they were a child. It’s a ladies favorite, giving them a chance to bring back memories, but especially for clearing out their tear ducts through at least 50% of the 70 minute movie. Heartwarming, heartbreaking and uplifting all rolled into one, it’s truly Disney’s best story now on a 75th Anniversary Blu-ray, DVD and for the first time Digital HD box set. Read more

Tinker Bell and the Legend of The NeverBeast

TINKER boxart


She’s back again! Tinker Bell arrives in a Blu-ray Combo pack with a new adventure for youngsters called Disney’s Tinker Bell and the Legend of The NeverBeast. Perfect for young girls, yet adventurous enough for boys as well. The movie features the six popular fairies from Pixie Hallow and in this story you’ll meet Nix a new Fairy and leader of the Scouts. The combo pack includes the Blu-ray, DVD and a code for a download of the film. Read more

“Bears” a Stunning Adventure in the Wild

BEARS boxart


Breathtaking cinematography captures another Disney Nature feature that compels, mesmerizes and entertains.  Now on Blu-ray and DVD the new adventure Bears takes you on a journey that spans a year in the life of these huge animals in Alaska.  Nicely directed, amazingly captured on film, courageous and adorable it’s an entertaining film for the whole family.   Read more

“Jungle Book” A Swinging Family Film on Blu-ray

JungeBOOK box art


One of Disney’s more animated animation adventures The Jungle Book has been released for the first time in a diamond edition on Blu-ray/DVD and Digital Copy.  Whether you are a collector of Disney on Blu-ray or just want the best possible presentation of this comical and music filled adventure it’s a perfect choice for your library. Fun for the whole family, the video also has some very new bonus features. Read more

Monsters University, Just in Time for a Kids Halloween Treat

MONSTERS 3D boxart


Bringing back two of my favorite cartoon characters Sully and Mike with a prequel called Monsters University, Pixar presents renewed delight.  Now on 3D Blu-ray in a combo pack the madness that the two opposites brought to Monsters Inc more than ten years ago doubles in Monsters University. The combo pack includes the 3D Blu-ray, Blu-ray and DVD along with a digital disc in a special 4 Pack collector’s edition.  Add to this a monster amount of bonus features for added fun and laughter. Read more

Cars, First Time in 3D Blu-ray

CARS 3D boxart


The 3D availability on Blu-ray just got better with the release of Disney/PIXAR’s Cars and even better in a combo pack.  The fun film with an extraordinary plot that offers moral values like friendship, honesty, love and integrity is perfect for the whole family.  The film has been released in a combo pack that contains the 3D Blu-ray, Blu-ray and DVD and offering a carload of bonus features on the Blu-ray disc. Read more

“Mulan” Comes to Blu-ray with a Double Feature (Video Review)

Mulan box art

Review by John Delia

The first film by Disney to have a female hero Mulan, comes to Blu-ray with the bonus of Mulan II in a 3 Disc set that includes the DVD versions.  The movie will transport your children to China where they can see some of their landscape while living the adventure.  Both stories show the courage and tenacity of young people who stand on their principles. Read more

Monsters, Inc., Pops in 3D Blu-ray

MONSTERS box art

By John Delia

Who could not like one of the cleverest animated movies ever made, Monsters, Inc.? Now available for the first time in a 3D Blu-ray, Blu-ray, DVD and Digital Disc 5-disc combo pack, the home entertainment possibilities are joyful.  The fun film with a whole lot of lovable monsters and not so lovable adversaries takes families on an adventure that’s wild, wacky and just plain adorable.  And to top it all off, Pixar/Disney has set the sequel date of June 21, 2013 for Monsters University and just so you won’t miss it have included a free movie admission inside the box. Read more

Disney’s Secret of the Wings, Out on Blu-ray 3D Box Set

Children will enjoy this wonderland romp in a frozen forest with their favorite fairy Tinker Bell.  Disney’s Secret of the Wings, the newest in the Fairies collection, has been released in a Blu-ray combo pack and for the first time includes a Fairies feature on a disc in 3D.

This adventure starts in Pixie Hallow showing Tink working with her friends that are making baskets for neighboring winter fairies living in the forbidden winter woods.  Curious about the winter woods, Tink volunteers to help the Animal Fairy take the rabbits to the edge of the frozen forest.  There she sees the rabbits cross a mysterious gateway that changes their fir from brown to white so they can survive the cold.   Read more

Secret of Arrietty, a Child’s Fun Fantasy on Blu-ray

A charming film from the makers of Ponyo and Academy Award winning movie Spirited Away called The Secret World of Arrietty is now available on 2 Disc Blu-ray Combo pack.  A creative story that mixes worlds bringing together an unlikely friendship plays delightfully to kids.  With a voice cast that includes Amy Poehler and Carol Burnett the heartwarming film is sure to make your all time library. Read more