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  • “The Square” a Bizarre Farce with a Message

    “The Square” a Bizarre Farce with a Message0

    The dark comedy The Square delivers a message not unfamiliar considering today’s upheaval involving the brotherhood of man. In the Ruben Ostlund’s film, that takes place in Sweden, a statement is made to the meaning of  “The Square” an exhibit at a museum. It states simply “The Square is a sanctuary of trust and caring.

  • “Suburbicon” a Quirky Murder Mystery

    “Suburbicon” a Quirky Murder Mystery0

    What starts out to be a regular 1950’s retro melodrama becomes a mystery crime drama that should set the audience back on their heels with one surprise after another. Although openly predictable, Suburbicon certainly entertains for the full nearly 2 hours. Much like a 2 hour episode of Fargo, the bungling characters add some dark

  • “The Foreigner” a Cat and Mouse Drama

    “The Foreigner” a Cat and Mouse Drama0

    Review by Gino Sassani Action heroes are very much like sports superstars. So much of what they do is tied to their physical ability, and eventually time catches up to them. For sports figures they either try and accept it and go out on top, or they taint their legend by trying to hang on.

  • “Jungle” Devoured by Nature

    “Jungle” Devoured by Nature0

    Turning a trip into a life or death adventure, 4 men travel on a Bolivian excursion in the film Jungle. Where there was beauty comes a massive land of treacherous mountains, overgrown forest and wildlife looking for a meal, it’s that kind of journey. The true story stars Daniel Radcliff in the lead role and is

  • “Trafficked” Exposing the Prurient Playground

    “Trafficked” Exposing the Prurient Playground0

    The disturbing and eye opening film Trafficked opens this weekend in parts of the America. Dipping into stories by real people caught up in the world of kidnapping for prostitution, this film, although a fictional account, lays it all out for those to see. The film is inspired by real characters from the award winning

  • “Blade Runner 2049” Continues a Cult Classic

    “Blade Runner 2049” Continues a Cult Classic0

    Opening this weekend, the long awaited sequel of one of the most creative classics of all time, Blade Runner 2049. The film follows the original some 30 years later where the people left on Earth are still trying to survive the social decay and authoritarian abuse. The movie has excellent direction by Oscar-nominated director Denis