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  • “Whitey” a Criminal Gets his Day in Court

    “Whitey” a Criminal Gets his Day in Court0

      Taken from over a decade of headlines, the taut documentary “Whitey:United States of America v. James J. Bulger” puts one of America’s most wanted men and the FBI under the microscope.  The film delves into one of Boston’s most iconic murderers and extortionists that held the city in terror.  Not since the Boston strangler

  • “Tammy” A Wacky Road Trip

    “Tammy” A Wacky Road Trip0

      Totally askew the new comedy with and written by Melissa McCarthy and directed by her husband Ben Falcone plays out more like a YouTube video than a major motion picture.  Called Tammy, the film puts together a number of McCarthy sight gags that fall flat, very unlike The Heat in which she shines.  Maybe

  • “Jersey Boys”  A Rocking Good Drama

    “Jersey Boys” A Rocking Good Drama0

      Creating a blast from the past, Clint Eastwood delivers Jersey Boys the rocking musical that took Broadway by storm.  Creating more of a drama than a song fest, the movie takes the audience from the Four Seasons chaotic beginning to stardom.  Using the lead actor from the original Broadway cast the movie emulates more

  • The Fun Continues with “22 Jump Street”

    The Fun Continues with “22 Jump Street”0

      Taking step two, the sequel 22 Jump Street sends the boys to college.  The hilarious comedy extends the life of the series by one and puts Jump Street on a road to a possible franchise.  Sit through to the end just as the credits roll for some very funny poster takes on possible new

  • ‘In the Blood’ Kicks up the Action

    ‘In the Blood’ Kicks up the Action0

      Now on DVD and Blu-ray In The Blood has come to your home theater.  It’s one of the best films in a long while that’s filled with realistic kick-ass martial arts.  The story’s not of the ordinary and the fine acting makes it a very good film for action movie lovers. This knock down

  • A Million Laughs in ‘Million Ways to Die”

    A Million Laughs in ‘Million Ways to Die”0

      Taking his comedy show to the Arizona desert, Seth MacFarlane presents A Million Ways to Die in the West.  It’s a rollicking comedy that has more pratfalls than his previous film, even though Ted has a charm that cannot be duplicated.  That said however, MacFarlane pleases with his deadpan humor that never seems to