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  • “Baby Driver” a High Speed Thriller

    “Baby Driver” a High Speed Thriller0

    High energy Baby Driver takes audiences on the roller coaster bank heist ride with a cast that turns this indie into a major film. The wild and crazy adventure lays rubber from its opening scene to a finale that will blow you away. Dealing with an unpaid debt, a little romance and an out of

  • “Money” a Nicely Crafted Thriller

    “Money” a Nicely Crafted Thriller0

    A test of your observations turns Money from an ordinary tale into a cool mystery thriller as you wind your way through a script of twists and guesses. The acting helps along with a nice job of direction even though there may be maybe a few flaws that are hardly distracting. Now on DVD and

  • “The Hero” Touching and Sincere

    “The Hero” Touching and Sincere3

    Another touching and sincere indie film, The Hero reaches out and grabs you while it plays to your heartstrings. Star of the film, Sam Elliott is such a good actor his performance alone has enough worth for a trip to a theater to watch him perform on the big screen. But you will get far

  • “Beatriz at Dinner” a Bad Day for Brunch

    “Beatriz at Dinner” a Bad Day for Brunch0

    Admittedly I adore Salma Hayek, but before I say another word, let me say that if you are not a diehard indie fan that must see every movie she has made, you can pass up Beatriz at Dinner. The movie starts out like a winner and fails to provide anything more than a boring hour

  • “A Cure for Wellness” a Cunning Mystery on Blu-ray

    “A Cure for Wellness” a Cunning Mystery on Blu-ray0

    The movie A Cure for Wellness delves into the psyche of a man who tries to make contact with the boss of his company. The mystery thriller takes a few twists and turns on its way to providing closure while leading the viewer through a suspense filled labyrinth of deception. The two hour and a

  • “Baywatch” Crude and Unglued

    “Baywatch” Crude and Unglued0

    Silly, crude, ridiculous and distasteful, the film Baywatch, coming to the screen as a remake, is deceptive and can’t hold a candle to David Hasselhoff’s iconic TV show. Males will be lining up after watching the trailer to check out the film hoping they can see another wild and crazy Neighbors or 21 Jump Street