The 100 Year-Old Man… a Very Comical Film

100 poster

The strange little film The 100 year-old man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared takes its audience on a wild and wacky journey. It’s a lot of fun in the vein of a Forrest Gump, but this guy has more of a trek with danger all around. The film has very good acting and is based a script taken from a work of fiction by Jonas Jonassan. The book was a 2010 best seller in Sweden that went on to sell over 3 million copies worldwide. Nicely filmed and orchestrated by director and screenwriter Felix Herngren, the movie is a hoot.

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Mad Max: Fury Road, a Blazing Action Film


My job is to see movies and give my opinion so my readers will know the good, bad and ugly before plunking down the dough to see them. After seeing Mad Max: Fury Road, I’m ready to see it again. This time I’m headed for an IMAX theater so I can get all the sounds and visuals of this action packed film up close. Call me a movie nut, but when it comes to films that go over the edge for their audience, I’m there!

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The D Train, an Offbeat Comedy


Jack Black returns to the screen with a quirky comedy The D Train that turns on the charm before going into a tail spin that almost crashes.  The movie does have its moments showing a lot of off color humor with Black kicking up his character old style much like days of movies past.  However directors Andrew Mogel and Jarrad Paul depend on James Marsden to carry the heavy role to make the film work and there’s no doubt that his performance saves the day.

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Felix and Meira, Trapped in a Different Kind of World


Taking a closer look at Jewish social standards the film Felix and Meira an unusual romance comes to theaters. The subject matter of the drama looks at dominance, boredom, nonconformity, defiance and separation in a strict culture that’s ruled by their religious beliefs. The movie is attractively dark with fine direction, acting and a production crew. The cinematography provides a fascinating background filmed in low light giving the feel of the central character’s boredom with a bleak outlook on life.

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American Sniper, a Gutwrenching Drama



Review by Alyn Darnay

The late Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle was a certified American hero. Four tours of duty in the hottest combat zones in modern history. He was a motivated patriot, with a loving wife and children, who cared deeply for his family, country and the men he was sent to protect. This is a review of American Sniper, now in theaters.


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Jimi: All is by my Side, the Legend in London

JIMI boxart


A legend in Rock and Roll, the biography about Jimi Hendrix called Jimi: All is by my Side is now on Blu-ray, DVD and VOD. The film focus on his early rise to fame and moves along at a fast tempo till the amazing musically explosive finale. He carved out a name for himself in the midst of Britain’s top rock stars including Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Eric Clapton, The Rolling Stones and The Animals. If your music involves the love of rock, blues, jazz and soul, this film delivers the man with the red hot guitar. Read more

Zarra’s Law, a True Crime Drama

zarra BOXART


You may have seen many films like Zarra’s Law so don’t be surprised if you get a little déjà vu while watching this crime thriller. It does have an upside and that being a chance to see Burt Young on the big screen once more. He’s aged well and so has Tony Sirico who was a mainstay in the Sopranos and a great support character in Goodfellas. This film has a couple of surprises, but not much more. But, if you like films that feature a mafia theme, then take a shot at this one now on DVD. Read more

Wild, a Remarkable Walk Into Reality



Remarkable, compelling and daunting the film Wild takes audiences on a trip that shows the power of the human body and the decision of one woman to face her fears. Based on the true experience taken from a book by Cheryl Strayed, the reality of it all creates a sense of acceptance much like rooting for a dark horse athlete in a race. But instead of a contestant, it’s a woman walking a thousand miles alone searching for her best self while fighting the daemons within that makes the story a winner.

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The Homesman, a Captivating Drama in the Old West

HOMESMAN poster 1


So you’re not into the western genre? How about calling this movie a very compelling drama that takes place in the 1800’s west. Still not excited about seeing the film? Top it off with a stellar cast, an original story line and actors that give Oscar worthy performances. Titled The Homesman, it’s Tommy Lee Jones’ first attempt at directing and he makes the film an excellent story of early Americana.

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Pioneer, a Compelling Conspiracy Story

pioneer poster sized


A thriller inspired by a real event is the basis for Pioneer, a slow paced captivating drama that will have you biting your finger nails till the haunting ending. The fine cast, crafty direction and brooding cinematography takes the viewer into the depths of The North Sea before launching its ominous conspiracy story. If you like movies that keep you intrigued from start to finish then this film should satisfy. Read more

Nightcrawler, an Sinister Crime Thriller



Kicking it up a notch above any acting performance this year Jake Gyllenhaal sheds a lot of physical weight, adds a despicable attitude and turns a good character into a great one. Reaching out to the massive audience of crime fans, the movie Nightcrawler takes you into the depressing nights in lower income neighborhoods of Los Angeles. Here is where most of the hot news takes place to be used for night time television crime kickers.  It’s a cool thriller that stays with you long after you’ve left the theater. Read more

Before I Go to Sleep, a Tantalizing Mystery Thriller



Keeping it weird for Halloween, the movie Before I Go to Sleep opens in theaters on October 31.  The movie stars Nicole Kidman and Colin Firth in a very off beat story about a woman who’s an amnesiac, someone who has memory loss as a result of shock or a traumatic injury. If you like films that tantalize get very suspenseful and shocking with the flavor of an Alfred Hitchcock thriller, make your Hallows Eve this movie mystery. Read more

Plastic, Double Dealing and Diamonds

PLASTIC  boxart


Well-acted and directed, a surprisingly good action flick Plastic has hit the home video market on DVD.  The movie offers its own interpretation of a several million dollar diamond heist that actually took place by a group of men in 1997.  The original robbery spanned from Manchester, England to Los Angeles, CA and involving the prestigious Bijon Jewelers on Rodeo Drive.  This film’s story adds a little comedy with their creative crime caper and that’s a good thing because if not, it would be just another heist movie. Read more