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  • “The Dinner” a Family Divided

    “The Dinner” a Family Divided0

      The interesting drama The Dinner puts you in the middle of a meeting that turns a family upside down over a cruel incident that will affect their lives forever. Nicely directed by Oren Moverman the film turns a contentious situation into a battle between brothers that sickens as the predictable story plays out. Sometime

  • “Why Him?”, Contagiously Funny on Blu-ray

    “Why Him?”, Contagiously Funny on Blu-ray0

      It’s contagiously funny, silly and ill-mannered, but Why Him? tops this year for comedy lovers. Especially if you like a lot of rude and crude with your movie entertainment, because this one has a lot and its non-stop. Now on home video in a Blu-ray/DVD and Digital HD combo pack, the hysterical film shows

  • “The Ottoman Lieutenant” War and Romance

    “The Ottoman Lieutenant” War and Romance0

      Wide sweeping vistas and a romantic musical score add to The Ottoman Lieutenant’s compelling war drama. It’s a moving and defiant love story, one that reaches audiences far and wide with a chance for women to revel in its forbidden romance. If you like sagas that titillate your imagination sending you back to an

  • “Jackie” a Heartfelt Mini Bio of the First Lady

    “Jackie” a Heartfelt Mini Bio of the First Lady0

      A heartfelt account through the eyes of Jacquelyn Bouvier Kennedy following the assassination of her husband John Fitzgerald Kennedy, this mini biography Jackie is now on home video. The film includes her televised White House tour and her interview with American political journalist and historian Theodore Harold White.

  • “Bitter Harvest” Romance in the Midst of a Nightmare

    “Bitter Harvest” Romance in the Midst of a Nightmare0

      One of the more incredible stories to serve as a romance, Bitter Harvest tells the tale of two lovers caught up in one of the world’s most evil genocides, the Russian Holodomor. Filmed in the Ukraine where it happened, the movie shows how Russia took over the country for their grain and starved its

  • “Get Out” a Disturbing Fright Film

    “Get Out” a Disturbing Fright Film0

      Disturbing and provocative the movie Get Out turns up the volume on suspense and terror. One of the better scary films in a long time, the movie challenges you from the very start as to the motives of a family gathering with a “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner” impression that turns sour. If you