Begin Again, an Unlikely Story

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Likable actors try to save this drama, but the story gets a little lame, quickly predictable and lacks real empathy for the characters. However, for the musical soundtrack and those utterly idealistic fans of both Keira Knightly and Mark Ruffalo, it’s perfect. Targeted at mostly women, Begin Again is now on DVD/Blu-ray with a couple of good bonus features. Read more

John Wick, Runs a Vicious Gauntlet

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Taking a shot as a hitman  in his latest film John Wick, Keanu Reeves delivers his character with authority in this explosive crime drama.  The film turns out to be an ideal fit for the star and his former stunt double turned director as they move to one perfectly choreographed fight scene after another. It’s a fast action gauntlet that lasts nearly the whole 96 minutes. Read more

Autumn Blood, Beauty Meets the Beasts

Autumn Blood 2D flat


A spectacularly striking film photographically yet equally disturbing in dramatic content has been released on DVD. The film delivers a tableau of immeasurable beauty so incredible that even a cinematic travelogue could not have been better. The dreamlike story of Autumn Blood however, takes you on an insidious trip into the life of a young woman living a nightmare in her secluded home set in those same surroundings. Its beauty meets the beasts. Read more

The Scribbler, a Cool Take on a Graphic Novel

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Here’s a young adult targeted DVD that’s based on a graphic novel called The Scribbler.  Perfect for those who want to cozy up on Halloween night, this science fiction thriller has a wicked tone and some goulish ghastly scenes.  Actually, it’s very well acted for a low budget indie and the special effects are also a treat.  The story gets kinda funky and way off the wall, but that’s what science fiction’s all about. Read more

Fury, Hell in a War Zone

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Showing the violence, guts and destruction of WWII tank fighting, Fury punctuates the story with an explosive tale of death defying courage. Although fictional, the movie is based on the 2nd US Armored division and portrays extensive grisly combat using very realistic images. Explosive, gripping and pervasive the up close look is shattering and mind boggling. If you like war movies like Saving Private Ryan and Hamburger Hill, rush out to see this mind blowing war flick on the big screen. Read more

The Judge, an Acting Duel of the Best Kind

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This story may sound a little familiar, but the acting in The Judge far outweighs any other production of its kind. It’s a first time acting collaboration between Robert Downey Jr. and Robert Duvall giving fans absorbing and gripping performances that will leave a lasting tribute well after you have left the theater. For the acting The Judge should be high on the list of both actors’ fans. Read more

Kill the Messenger, a Compelling Political Thriller



Sometimes you just want to scream when you witness an appalling injustice. Point of statement, the subject of the true story Kill the Messenger. The movie takes you on a trail that opens old wounds about the American CIA and the tactics used for a means to an end. Very good performances all around, direction impeccable and a bold script make this political thriller a winner. Read more

Gone Girl, a Baffling Crime Thriller


It may be a little long, get pretty dicey and turn your head in disgust, but Gone Girl will win you over in the end.  The brilliantly written crime drama has this year’s top performances, creative direction and enough twists to curl a whole head of hair.  From its cunning elementary opening the audience slowly gets sucked into this heinous story that’s fed from the realization that you want to dislike it, but can’t take your eyes off the screen. Read more

Are You Here, a Comedy with a Heavy Serious Edge

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Taking on characters that are far from their norm, Zach Galifianakis, Owen Wilson and Amy Poehler show their comedy with a serious edge in the romantic drama Are You Here.  Surprisingly the three can hold their own and show their fans that they have an ability to take on other more serious roles. The movie, now on DVD for home viewing, is also available in Blu-ray. Read more

The Equalizer, Denzel is Bold and Brutal



Returning to the screen with a very pervasive performance, Denzel Washington stars as a vigilante marauder in The Equalizer.  Providing a character with high intensity the movie conjures up memories of the violence in Safe House, Man on Fire and Training Day, three of Washington’s most fierce portrayals. There’s not much comedy to lighten the load in this thriller, but those who like it fast and brutal are sure to get an adrenaline rush. Read more

The Drop, A Mesmerizing Crime Drama

DROP Poster

Probably the darkest crime drama’s you’ll see this year and that’s a good thing.  The film The Drop takes you into the hazy world of crime that has only one way out, a body bag.  Stellar acting, fine executed direction and a suspense filled plot that will keep you glued to the screen.  The film does spool out at a steady slow pace, but the rewards are high for those who want one more chance to enjoy a final great performance on film by James Gandolfini.

Read more

Last of Robin Hood, a Tell-all Bio


Based on direct interviews with Beverly Aadland, the last woman in the life of Errol Flynn, The Last of Robin Hood has been released for the screen.  Researched, written and directed by Richard Glatzer and Wash Westmoreland the movie is a “tell all” about the last two years of Flynn’s impulsive life and his two closest women.  While the movie does reveal most of the sordid details, the shock value doesn’t come off the screen.

Read more

“Jersey Shore Massacre” Bimbos Beefcake and Blood

Jersey Shore BOX ART


Wild and wacky, the horror comedy Jersey Shore Massacre gets a home entertainment release on Blu-ray and DVD.  The film has the perfect cast for the heavy Jersey accent laden spoof and makes it a fun watch.  It may be a little over the top when it comes to teasing the guidos and guidettes on the “Jersey Riviera”, but there’s nothing like it when it comes to their ethnic banter.  The film does tend to get a little ridiculous at times, but if you like your horror with comedy and a lot of fake guts and gore, this one gets silly right down to the last bloody scene of the story.   Read more

“Lullaby” an Emotionally Driven Drama

Lullaby 2D BOXART


Now on DVD the movie Lullaby has a big name cast that’s enticing, but first time Director Andrew Levitas fails to deliver a good script beyond the first act. Emotionally driven the drama tugs a few times too many at the heartstrings creating more of a maudlin film that dampens the entertainment value. A disappointment for me as the initial first chapter looked like it was heading for a big hit. Read more