The Water Diviner, an Inspiring Story of Unbridled Love



Taking on his first feature film as both director and actor Russell Crowe blasts onto the screen with The Water Diviner, a compelling and romantic movie with a good measure of action. Perfect for a date and a movie with both partners being entertained right til the credits roll. It’s Crowe in his best dramatic role to date with a cast that complements the script and a crew that delivers a top notch production. Read more

The Immigrant, a Gripping Drama



The fine actress Marion Cotillard shows her ability to fascinate and convince her audience in the film The Immigrant, now on Blu-ray and DVD. A tale of hardship, debauchery and despair, the film takes you into the life of a woman who sought freedom from oppression to one of despondency and a life of challenging choices. Able direction, strong acting support and convincing cinematography make this period piece a definite choice for those that like their drama gripping and emotional. Read more

Queen and Country, a Romantic Sequel



Spooling out his final film Writer/Director John Boorman makes it a sequel and a good one at that. His Queen and Country being released in the United States takes his characters into the 1950’s as a follow up to Hope and Glory set during WWII. He works his magic one more time with interesting characters, some comedy, military boot camp drama and a whole lot of romance. Beautifully filmed, it’s a masterpiece of a period gone by that saw England transfer the crown to Elizabeth II and turn boys into men. Read more

101 Dalmatians, Celebrating Their Diamond Edition



Entering the Blu-ray home video market after appearing on the screen in 1961, the animated feature 101 Dalmatians has been released from the Disney vault as a Diamond Edition. This is the original film by Walt Disney that entertained kids for years. Nicely remastered with 7.1 DTS-HDMA sound the film has a good look with freshened up colors. If you can remember the original, than this is perfect for your library. Not to be confused with the 1991 remake of the film starring the voice of Glenn Close, this one features the remarkable cast lead by Betty Lou Gerson as Cruella de Vil. Read more

My Old Lady- Touching and Delightful

MY OLD poster


Writer and actor Israel Horovitz adds a second film to his directorial credits with My Old Lady.  Originally written and produced for the stage, he has released the work as a film with brilliant cinematography and freedom to use a wider variety of settings.  The movie stars Dame Maggie Smith, Kevin Kline and Kristin Scott Thomas in roles that seemingly are written for them.  Touching, memorable and delightful My Old Lady reaches out for an older audience that embraces life and romance. Read more

“If I Stay” a Teen Romance of a Different Kind

IF I STAY poster


Directly targeted at teens and softhearted female romantics, for them the film If I Stay hits the sweet spot.  The screenplay taken from a young adult novel by Gayle Forman gets a sugar coating, works some magic and provides a vision most likely to be enamored by teen girls that are significantly worldly and have precocious desires.  Most tweens and youngsters could be a bit bored and miss the nuance and message of the story, but if not should need a Kleenex or two and a shoulder to cry on during the tearjerker ending. Read more

“What If” a Romantic Date Film




Light and fun the movie What If opens in theaters with a whimsical tale of romance with comedy.  The theme has been used many times over the years, but this fresh new look at Daniel Radcliffe with Zoe Kazan is a reason to see the plot once more. Its Harry Potter meets Ruby Sparks and the chemistry between the two actors in What If  is off the chart. The film targets ladies that are on the prowl and budding couples that are looking for a good date night. Read more

“Magic in the Moonlight” Woody Allen Turns Back the Clock



Returning to his romance formula Woody Allen puts a little enchantment in his newest film Magic in the Moonlight.  The film has a bewitching cast and the story to match.  Using some interesting twists, that just when you think that Allen has missed the mark and his film’s predictable, the door opens on another chapter.  Maybe it’s not an awards magnet like Midnight in Paris and Hannah and Her Sisters, but a good ‘date flick’ none the less. Read more

Romance and War with “Words and Pictures”



Performances by Clive Owen and Juliette Binoche save this little film and make it a worthwhile entertainment value.  The film is called Words and Pictures under the direction of Fred Schepisi who gave us the wonderful comedy love story Roxanne.  Here he goes a little darker with a drama that wanders a bit, but comes back to center for a nice finale. Read more

The Pieces all Connect in “Chinese Puzzle”

CHINESE poster


A creative romantic comedy with a nicely complicated story Chinese Puzzle turns up the heat this weekend.  Connecting the two most romantic cities in the world, Paris and New York, the film lays out a story that’s fun and filled with chaos of the heart.  If you are a moviegoer that craves a good love story, then this cute little indie should fill your cup of tea. Read more

“Love Punch” Takes a Jab and Misses

Love-Punch POSTER


A very odd romance spools out in the movie The Love Punch.  Not very conceivable, the cast finds themselves trying to save millions in a James Bond like caper that has shades of early jaunts by the star of this film Pierce Brosnan. While it’s not really that over the top, chances are you’ll walk away humming the theme from the Bond franchise as you leave the theater. Read more

“Fading Gigolo” a Comedy of Suitable Seduction

GIGOLO poster


Expanding his repertoire with a fifth movie under his direction, John Turturro opens this weekend with Fading Gigolo.  The vibrant and touching comedy has a perfect cast that delivers a sweet script with acceptable production values.  Although there are noticeable problems with uneven direction, the film still climbs to above average entertainment. If you like movies that are highly fictional yet imaginative enough to touch on reality, then this is your cup of tea. Read more

“The Other Woman” Ahh, Sweet Revenge

Other Woman POSTER 2


Wacky and often romantic and even sometimes sensual The Other Woman takes center stage this weekend to see if there’s enough girl power to claim the box-office.  The movie starts out intimately and then moves on to a farcical comedy insuring a lot of girl talk well after the final credits. While most men will be rooster pecking at the salacious premise of the script, the ladies who giggle during the film have either been in similar situations before or know someone who has. Read more

“On My Way” A Touching French Comedy

ON MY WAY poster


A cute little comedy starring Oscar nominee Catherine Deneuve has made its way to theaters.  It’s called On My Way and the quirky French film features an unexpected road trip with a captivating storyline.  Well acted and produced, the film is an endearing look at a smidgen of France’s rustic countryside and a woman trying to come to grips with a late in life crossroads. If you like your movies whimsical yet complex, then rush on over to see On My Way. Read more